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  • n. Plural form of Grit.
  • proper n. The Liberal Party of Canada.


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  • Blood and Grits is a collection of nonfiction essays written for magazines like Playboy and Esquire.

    First Week of Southern Living

  • Grits is on subject when it comes to discussing dangerous tropical storms since the residue from this grits recipe can be used in the place of plywood to cover and protect windows and doors from wind damage.

    brace for Wilma 2

  • Grits is actually a part of our Southern heritage from Africa so here is an interesting way to prepare that dish:

    brace for Wilma 2

  • After the recent publication of her first novel, Mercury in Retrograde, Ms. Froelich is departing to focus on a young adult novel called Grits, which — as she explained when the Transom visited her at her Soho apartment — will be based on her time as the only Jew and virgin at a convent high school in Kentucky.

    Farewell, Mein Froelich: Post's Party for Paula

  • The Grits are the most successful party in the Western hemisphere for a reason: most of the time they're better at politicking than we are.

    Stephane Dion's Incredible Shrinking Party

  • Reason No. 1 why New Dems shouldn't vote Liberal: The Grits are a party of the business class.

    Why New Democrats Will NOT Vote For The Liberals - Dion's Double Standard!!

  • If Canadians elect the Liberals, in their first term the Grits will merely parrot what the Conservatives have already committed to.

    Daimnation!: Liberals running on Conservative policies

  • Kneecapping the Grits is the best way of empowering the Tories to undo all that. 1988 proved that in spades; 2005 to a lesser extent.

    lone gunman

  • If anyone in this audience is puzzled as I was about the origin of the designation Grits, I draw your attention to page 45 of Peter Brimelow's book, The Patriot Game which I happily devoured.

    The Cinema Future Belongs to the Talented and the Skilled and Canada's Future is Bright

  • These very kinds of evasive, noncommital responses on abortion from the Grits were the very thing which, when they came from the Tories, justified the whole "Scary Stephen Harper has a Hidden Agendatm".



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