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  • proper noun A habitational surname from any of several places in Shropshire and Yorkshire.
  • proper noun A male given name, transferred from the surname.
  • proper noun A female given name, transferred from the surname.
  • noun A Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


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Old English hær ("rock") or hara ("hare") + lēah ("wood, clearing").


  • No one needs a full test to know that a Harley is a universally known classic American icon.

    Hog tied: Consumer Reports rides the latest Harleys - Night Rod Special and XR 1200X

  • I have never owned a Ducati but remember them from along long time ago and was a buy american guy and bought Harley's and Buells and a Harley is a Harley and what Buell is doing is not bad but anyone that says the street fighter is ugly must like the Buell CR because that bike is ugly the 1125R looks good but if you look at the CR and they way the handlebars go is a weird design and ugly, also every Buell I have owned has been something wrong with it and just had to recall the CR's for a cam chain tentioner failer that can cause big problems, also any bike some people are going to like and some are going to hate, I like this bike and after looking for a new bike thence the Buell I had was a problem bike I am buying Ducati and I hope this bike is the last bike I will not sell because it is a problem bike,

    Ducati Streetfighter and Streetfighter S get 155bhp 1098 engine - Hell For Leather

  • But Harley is already playing lap cat, so that's a relief.

    On my way!

  • If we define cool in the sense that ninjas, Harleys and dinosaurs are cool, and in the way that a ninja dinosaur riding a Harley is way cooler, well I think we can narrow things down a bit (I mean, Wall-E is cute, and cute cool).

    MIND MELD: What Are The Coolest Robots in Science Fiction?

  • What if they bring in Harley Quinn, and tie her character to the Joker's origin story about having a wife with a carved face?

    Contest: Where Could The Dark Knight Go Next? «

  • Harley is a shy guy, but he took a shine to me and availed himself of my massage techniques to the point that when I stopped, he reached out and grabbed my hand -- with his claws -- and made me continue.

    December 2006

  • Harley is the founder of Jesus Is the Answer Ministry, one of more than 100 Christian ministries across the country that seek to turn homosexuals into heterosexuals.

    July 2005

  • The Rev.J. Grace Harley is a kindly, big-boned, middle-aged black woman with gentle eyes and an obvious wig.

    July 2005

  • On a recent Wednesday night, Harley is sitting behind a desk in a barren community center, located across the street from the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Northeast Washington.

    July 2005

  • As we approached the Huntington Station exit, I called the Harley dealership for directions.

    Vroom at the Top


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