from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A Native American people inhabiting an area southeast of the Grand Canyon.
  • n. A member of this people.
  • n. The Yuman language of the Havasupai, closely related to Hualapai.

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  • n. the Yuman language spoken by the Havasupai
  • n. a member of a North American Indian people of Cataract Canyon in Arizona


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Probably Mohave havasu·pay, blue-green (water) person : havasu·, blue-green (water) + -pay, person.


  • But come spring, he'll climb on one of his horses for the trip to Supai, on the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

    For country doctor, house calls are a hike down Grand Canyon

  • Whether intentionally or unintentionally, this trust has at times been violated and betrayed, as with the Havasupai.

    Robert Klitzman, M.D.: 'Just Sign the Form': Informed Consent, Medical Research and You

  • In 2005 the Havasupai tribe sued Arizona State University researchers for stigmatizing schizophrenia research the ASU conducted without consent on 400 blood samples from the tribe's members.

    Harriet A. Washington: Gene Patenting Produces Profits, Not Cures

  • In our climax Honkytonk Sue would occupy London Bridge and then beat the Army Corps of Engineers, who were about to flood the Havasupai, by challenging them to a massive game of bingo, in which Goldie plays about sixty competitors, among them a famous bingo fanatic from Las Vegas.


  • Leslie Silko does not easily fit in to the Hollywood way of doing things but she liked the Havasupai people and gave this one a good try.


  • We once stayed with the Havasupai tribe in an Arizonian side canyon.

    Loved, Stupid

  • "We're in a time of many alarming events and life crises that involve the basic elements of life: water, earth, sun (fire), and earth -- the foundations of life are our concern," Mona Polacca, a Hopi and Havasupai healer and counselor from Arizona told me.

    Alison Rose Levy: A Meeting Of The Hearts: The Dalai Lama And The Thirteen Grandmothers

  • On the day that Salazar announced his faux time out, the Native Havasupai, who make their home at the base of the Grand Canyon's South Rim, began gathering to host a weekend teach-in and speak-out against uranium mining at Red Butte, a Havasupai sacred site they hope to defend from contamination and desecration by Denison Mines 'plan to reopen its nearby Arizona One uranium mine.

    Don't drink the uranium

  • Navajo ban, a fundamental question would then be whether uranium mining which endangers the water table well beyond the mining claim itself, violates a Havasupai ban, and/or, the environmental rights of wider communities, including the 30 million people of Arizona, Colorado, and

    Don't drink the uranium

  • On July 30th, 2009, nine days after Salazar's announcement, and, four days after the Havasupai concluded their protest, the Motley Fool named Denison as their favorite "penny stock" of the week, meaning, the cheap stock most likely to take off from a very low price. and, maybe even make you rich, on a very small investment:

    Don't drink the uranium


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