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  • Outland: An astonishingly underrated movie, if you can get past the handwaving tech to deal with Io's low gravity.

    MIND MELD: What Are The Most Realistic (and the Most Ridiculous) Uses of Science in SciFi Film and TV?

  • And even if the suit did need to be extremely heavy, remember (a) that Io's surface gravity is only 18% that of Earth's, and (b) you can always fit the suit with a powered exoskeleton, as in Aliens.

    mikandra: crap and duh

  • A related, cool, thing I was wondering: would you be able to see Io's shadow tracking across Jupiter as the 'night' progressed?

    stuff you always wanted to know

  • And if they're talking about rem, this is presumably a measure of gamma radiation probably a secondary product from magnetospheric charged-particle bombardment of Jupiter's outer atmosphere, or Io's own feeble salt-and-sulfur atmosphere, and would indeed at the doses you've uncovered require significant shielding.

    mikandra: crap and duh

  • Given that Io's orbit around Jupiter is roughly the same size as that of the Moon around Earth, and Earth's diameter is roughly four times that of the Moon, and Jupiter roughly 10 times that of Earth, it seems that Jupiter would be 40 times bigger in the sky of Io than the Moon is in Earth's sky.

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  • Every month, for six straight months, Io appeared to take about 3½ minutes less to orbit Jupiter, so that after half a year, Io's orbit seemed to have shortened by 22 minutes.

    Danish astronomer was first to estimate the speed of light 300 years ago

  • Io's volcanoes might help explain changes in our own atmosphere.

    Jupiter Steals The Show

  • Bosporus means in Greek "ox ford" or "ox passage"; the name comes from a Greek myth about Io's travels after Zeus turned her into an ox for her protection.

    Bosporus Straits, Turkey

  • In the spirit of All-For-One, Fraser threw a neon fishing lure over the stern while we sailed and soon had hooked a silver-skinned Bigeye trevally, which Skip gutted and filleted on Io's teak deck and his dark-haired "mate" Samantha Tillman (a pretty New Yorker who could cook in the most turbulent tides) sauteed in butter.

    The Macphersons: Week 40: Crusin'

  • The Io's captain, Skip Jones, a 50-year-old who resembles an American version of the Englishman Richard Branson, with his same goatee, long brown hair, toothy boyish smile and a gold ring in one pierced earlobe, had come recommended to us by a Sri Lankan friend as reliable and personable.

    The Macphersons: Week 40: Crusin'


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