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  • Rev. Jim Wallis��� most recent book ��� ���God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It��� ��� struck a chord this year and became an instant best-seller.

    Van Jones: Spiritual Activism: The Religious Left Fights Back ��� On All Fronts

  • It can have the same truth conditions as a scoped sentence something like, ˜It might have been the case that: for some x, x is the famous humanist most closely associated with the Italian Renaissance and

    Rigid Designators

  • It is commonly quoted as, “It is better to give than to receive.

    give than to receive, It is more blessed to

  • It is therefore not a matter of indifference whether ˜Socrates does not exist™ is rendered as ˜(Socrates) does not exist™ or as ˜It is not the case that (Socrates exists)™.


  • The next one was beautiful, but not It -- not _It_ -- not the Right

    Four Girls and a Compact

  • _ It was the _men_, _women_, and children's lot, &c. or, _It was the lot of_ the men, women, and children.

    English Grammar in Familiar Lectures

  • "It would be more polite to make Andy _It_," said Owl.

    The Cat in Grandfather's House

  • It always introduces a substantive clause, and is equivalent to _that which_; as, _It is WHAT (that which) he wants_.

    Practical Grammar and Composition

  • It can readily be imagined what a red-letter day it made in the boy’s life to have General Grant say: “It might be better for us all to go down to dinner first and see the collection afterward.

    The Hunger for Self-Education

  • QUOTATION: It is yet a higher speech of his than the other, “It is true greatness to have in one the frailty of a man and the security of a god.



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  • "It hasn't been tagged yet." Then how did he get to be it?

    November 28, 2009