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  • n. Any of a genre of Buddhist texts containing stories about a former birth of Gautama Buddha.

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  • n. A nativity; birth-story; specifically, an account of the life of Buddha in one of his successive human existences.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Sanskrit Jātakam, from neut. of jātaka-, engendered (by), born (under), from jāta-, past participle of janate, he is born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.


  • The great Indian collection of symbolic stories known as Jataka

    Children's Literature A Textbook of Sources for Teachers and Teacher-Training Classes

  • Our Pampango variant appears to me to represent a form even older than the "Jataka," but at the same time

    Filipino Popular Tales

  • In the Cambridge translation of this "Jataka," the verse reply of the woman is rendered thus: --

    Filipino Popular Tales

  • The chief difference between our Pampango variant and the "Jataka," it will be seen, is in the prominent rôle played by the wife in the latter.

    Filipino Popular Tales

  • The good luck coming to the hero from the exchange of dead animals suggests a distant basic connection between our story and the "Jataka," although it must be admitted that the idea could occur independently to many different peoples.

    Filipino Popular Tales

  • Ellen Babbit's retelling of Jataka tales (Appanna Jataka, or Appanaka Jataka, tale no.

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  • His Holiness continues to read from the Jataka tales that cite incidents in the former lives of the Buddha, when he was still a bodhisattva, that retain a moral for today.

    Dhammapada and the Jataka Tales

  • His Holiness gives parting advice to the audience of ordained and lay Buddhists from Tibet and around the world and then concludes the oral transmission of the Jataka

    Dhammapada and the Jataka Tales

  • Then he recounted the Jataka tale that follows the story told in 2006.

    Jataka Tales - March 2007

  • His Holiness continues to read the Jataka tales which reveal the importance of speaking the truth, the drawbacks of drinking liquor, the virtues of attachment and how those who wish to benefit themselves abandon the state of the householder, how important it is to strive for virtue and how by controlling anger we can appease our enemies.

    Dhammapada and the Jataka Tales


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