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  • n. Native in a country; not alien.
  • n. So by nature; born so: as, a nature-born fool.


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  • Chin said the term was modeled after the term "natural-born subject" from British law, which applies to a person born in the land of a monarchy. Front Page

  • Ostensibly the model sabra literally, a “prickly pear,” the term for natural-born Israelis, at age sixteen he was in the reserve squad of Israel’s national basketball team, his determination making up for his lack of height.

    The Secret War with Iran

  • Naturalized citizens no longer need to report to INM, may vote, do not require permission to acquire real estate, and, in general, have all of the right and responsibilities of a natural-born citizen, except holding certain high public offices.

    FM2 and Citizenship

  • From General Manager, John Elway, to defensive captain, Brian Dawkins, everyone agrees that Tebow is a natural-born leader and inspires the rest of the team.

    Jake Fischer: The Tebow Effect

  • She never looked like a natural-born smoker, even though she smoked four packs a day.

    The Memory Palace

  • Some people believe that Obama, a native of Hawaii, was actually born outside the U.S. or in some other way is not a natural-born citizen eligible to be president.

    John Boehner Defines Stance On Birthers, Obama Citizenship

  • I'm told by some of the more experienced/smug dog owners down at the park that it will get better and that most puppies are like this with the exception of those that are natural-born killers but I'm not so sure.

    Till dog do us part

  • You have to use your natural-born skills as a human being to taste a dish.

    Cookery masterclass: René Redzepi

  • Tea party backers said Wednesday they believe people are only natural-born citizens if their parents are citizens.

    Arizona Birthers See Tie To Birthright Citizenship

  • E is a phenomenally talented artist, a natural-born talent.

    Celebrating the win!


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