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  • Joseph Nadeau, an Air Force veteran of the Korean War and commander of a Woonsocket VFW group, called Kennedy's work an inspiration for people like him who work with veterans.

    The Seattle Times

  • But he might just have a shot at addressing Teddy Kennedy's "great unfinished business of our society."

    September 19th, 2009

  • Most recently, he got into a protracted public argument with Rep. Patrick Kennedy over Kennedy's support for abortion rights, culminating in the revelation that Tobin had asked Kennedy not to take Holy Communion because of his views.

    R.I. bishop bans hospitals from joining health reform group

  • While many Southern Baptists left the Democratic Party to support a Republican presidential candidate for the first time that year -- a development that would continue for the next 30 years -- enough remained in the Democratic fold to ensure Kennedy's win thanks to Johnson being on the ticket.

    Neil J. Young: Evangelical Good News For Romney?

  • Contrived to be self-effacing, the book and its author have received kind reviews and interviews, like the one recently in The New York Times that reveals a gushing bouquet of envy by a writer who appears to fondly wish she, too, had parked her shoes at the foot of Kennedy's bed, any bed.

    Warren Adler: Chick Lit is Dead, Lover Lit is In

  • While the Kennedy's -- Dad, John, Teddy and Bobby -- may seem like exemplars of the sex gambols, there were others, many, many others, equally blatant, but much more discreet, who used their powerful positions to exercise the venery.

    Warren Adler: Chick Lit is Dead, Lover Lit is In

  • But Kennedy's smartest move was to select one of the South's own, Lyndon Johnson of Texas, as his running mate.

    Neil J. Young: Evangelical Good News For Romney?

  • One year later, 13,000 delegates at the SBC's annual convention unanimously passed a resolution obliquely opposing Kennedy's candidacy, though it never named him specifically.

    Neil J. Young: Evangelical Good News For Romney?

  • Instead Obama wasted all of his political capital on a failed effort to realize Ted Kennedy's dying dream.

    Chris Ladd: Attack of the Vampire Mortgages

  • For my generation, the Challenger blowing up was what Kennedy's assassination, or Martin Luther King's, were to previous generations -- the defining public tragedy of my childhood, and one of the first memories I have.

    Konstantin Kakaes: Gingrich: Terrible President on Earth, Great One in Space


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