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  • proper noun A member of a Finno-Ugric people who live in the northwest Urals, Zyrians.
  • proper noun The Finno-Ugric language spoken by these people.
  • proper noun Republic of Russia, officially - Komi Republic.
  • noun A member of this people.

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  • noun a member of a Finnish people living in the northwestern Urals in Russia
  • noun the Finnic language spoken by the Komi


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Komi an endonym, used by the Finno-Permic Komi people to refer to themselves. It has been compared to Uralic terms for "man" or "human", such as Samoyed qum. An alternative explanation derives it from the name of the River Kama (see K. Redei in R. Khanam (ed.), Encyclopaedic ethnography of Middle-East and Central Asia, vol. 1, 2005, p. 451).


  • As for the service, it now hovers right up there with that of the esteemed Komi, which is where Ruta found maitre d' Sean Alves, the suave and entertaining overseer of Palena's fine-dining concept.

    Tom Sietsema on enhanced Palena: Dining Room shines, enlarged Cafe loses a pinch of luster

  • It continued at Komi with frozen baklava … cinnamon ice cream on top of a nut salted honey and topped with a crispy sheet filo … again, I loved the salt with the sweet …

    2010 July archive at

  • The firebrand championing the indigenous Komi people was none other than Yury Spiridonov, an ethnically Russian oil miner and party worker, born in Omsk and educated in Sverdlovsk, who had once gotten into trouble for snapping at someone who tried to address him in Komi: “Speak in a way that can be understood.”

    The Return

  • Within Russia, it was precisely these seasoned machine politicians—Shaymiev of Tatarstan; Spiridonov, the honorary Komi; Yeltsin himself—that found a way, anarchic as it looked to outsiders, to reintegrate the country while reallocating power and disarming the authentic nationalists.

    The Return

  • Seven rock formations called Man-Pupu-Nyor (little mountain of the gods) stand in the Komi Republic, a part of the Ural Mountain area of Russia.

    The Seven Giants of the Urals

  • For example, its list of restaurant spending in the District is topped not by such high-dollar contenders as CityZen or Komi but Capital Q.

    Faster Forward: Mint Data offers an interesting, iffy peek at spending

  • Nori Komi (tiny strips of nori with sesame seeds, and some salt and sugar)

    Bento #268 « Were rabbits

  • The last local recipient was Johnny Monis, recognized for his work at Komi in Washington in 2007.

    Food & Wine recognizes two Virginians among Best New Chefs

  • The first couple arrived Friday at Komi restaurant, on 17th Street NW near Dupont Circle, surprising diners and passersby who cheered and took photos.

    Obamas dining at Komi

  • Obama takes the first lady to upscale restaurants (Komi last week, Nora's, Citronelle, Equinox, Blue Duck Tavern) for date nights, but likes local joints (Five Guys, Ray's Hell-Burger, Ben's Chili Bowl) for the occasional lunch with the guys.

    President Obama: Gourmet food at home, junk food on the road


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