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  • proper n. A disparaging term for various varieties of Korean English having distinctive lexis, syntax and phonology.


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Blend of Korean and English


  • "Living in Korea and trying to understand the 'Konglish' grammar is challenging enough,"

    The Daily WTF

  • Just remember to say that in 5-year-old Konglish and you'll be totally set.

    Test entry

  • The sign on the truck says "Kim's Taco" or in Konglish, "Ghim Suh Dah Goh."

    Korean-Mexican Fusion: Korean BBQ Kalbi Tacos?

  • Knowing a microscopic amount of Korean and Konglish combined with gestures allows you to communicate a lot more than I thought it would.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • The third song startled me with a bit of Konglish, "sexsi."

    North Korea Karaoke

  • Lots of Korean restaurants do “suh-biss,” which is the horrible Konglish Korean/English word for “service.”

    Dehn-jahng and "Suh-biss" at Sagan

  • Do these new ads of Kim Yuna's have some sort of pseudo-feminist message ... or are they just Konglish?

    The Grand Narrative

  • Anyone who speaks Japanese will note that a lot of Konglish terms are also found in Japanese.

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • I am particularly fond of the bizarre or humorous Konglish phrases ones like "overeat", "walkers", and "Let's Dutch pay!"

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • While we were discussing her time spent in Los Angeles, and her hilarious propensity to drop the occasional "Radical!" into the midst of fairly formal and accented Konglish, I mentioned my need for some extra furniture for my 'spare room' - ten minutes and a phone call later, Ryan had not only identified a free curb-sofa but also called two guys with vans, gotten quotes, and talked the cheap one down to 30000W to move it to my apartment.

    Test entry


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