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  • n. An Australian aborigine, especially one from Victoria or southern New South Wales.


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From Awabakal gurri; from the region of what is today Newcastle, adopted by indigenous people of other areas.


  • I certainly recognise the term Koori, but I'd most likely use aborigine and inflected forms in casual conversation. ABORIGINES.

  • I can't recall using the word Koori either in writing or conversation. ABORIGINES.

  • The circle-sentencing courts in New South Wales there are similar initiatives known as Koori courts in Victoria, Murri courts in Queensland and Nunga courts in South Australia follow the principles of those in Canada, which were pioneered in 1992 as a way of managing the crime rate among the indigenous population there. Top Stories

  • For some reason I never thought of it being used the same way as "Koori" or "Murri". ABORIGINES.

  • "Fernleigh Public School teacher Ray Crane organised an information session and a number of workshop activities such as Koori games, Dreamtime painting and the cooking of johnny cakes for students to learn about Aboriginal culture." The Northern Star

  • "Koori" comes from the Awakabal language of northern NSW.

    The Advertiser

  • To lump all the tribes together under the one heading Koori and all the whites under the heading Honky is as racist, if not more than anything the so called Honkies have done because it differentiates on the basis of skin colour.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • Koori rehab centre in Brunswick in Melbourne's poetry belt.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • After the book was published, the best fanmail I have ever had came from a Koori woman living in Western Australia, to say thank you.

    Saying sorry and when did you know?

  • So to suggest that the aborigines: 1. are one people, the Koori; 2. never visited atrocities on each other or were peaceful and "soft" ... is revisionist history which can most charitably be described as muddled.

    Archive 2008-02-01


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