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  • noun software engineering Localization.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Representing localization as "L" followed by 10 more letters, followed by "n".


  • Also with this release, Japanese is joining the collection of officially available localizations. the new L10n sign-off dashboard for a release - further opt-ins/sign-offs for SeaMonkey

    Planet Mozilla

  • To have something for reasonably testing the L10n building updates on trunk, I wanted German to build alright, so I went in and finally updated ChatZilla and venkman localizations, and while I was at it, DOM inspector and SeaMonkey as well.

    Planet Mozilla

  • As said above, work is going on for L10n nightly updates - right now, everything is actually working except that a wrong patch is being written into the snippets and so no update can be installed, even though builds know that it's available.

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  • Ruby-GetText-Package is a Localization (L10n) Library and Tools which is modeled after GNU gettext package.

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  • L10n nightly updates into a different bug and do some more work on that - and we're not completely there yet. switch of release automation to pulling chatzilla from hg, which I now found time to write a patch for.

    Planet Mozilla

  • WinCE build work, it was a success in that our new config allows us to go for things like split test cycles much more easily and that L10n nightlies are being produced, but I needed to split

    Planet Mozilla

  • SeaMonkey default profile L10n, I hope this will pass and make localizing those somewhat awkward parts easier.


  • Using those dialogs instead of the download manager window is not the default, and I've never used them since the suite had the download manager UI, but here's how such a dialog looks on SeaMonkey 1. x (on my Linux machine, this is from a German L10n build):


  • Ruby-GetText-Package is a localization (L10n) library and tools which modeled after GNU gettext package.


  • Checked in the German L10n of the last set of changes from "card" to "contact" in addressbook to keep de SeaMonkey trunk complete.



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