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  • abbr. Accessibility.


Representing "accessibility" as "a" followed by 11 more letters, followed by "y". (Wiktionary)


  • This will certainly become the basis for more video a11y work!

    ginger's thoughts » 2009 » September

  • Joakim Söderberg, researcher at Ericsson, co-chair of media annotation group at W3C: reported on W3C media annotations group work and wanted to find out whether there are a11y related attributes missing.

    ginger's thoughts » 2009 » November

  • I really do believe that there is plenty of money to be made in FOSS a11y alone.

    Planet GNOME

  • Shared risk, shared rewards, and a11y users benefit with full time paid people dedicated to GNOME accessibility.

    Planet GNOME

  • I have been interacting with the a11y community for over two years now, and in that time the funding situation has never looked good.

    Planet GNOME

  • While I am extremely thankful for the time mofo allowed me to spend on GNOME a11y, I think that small grants in themselves won't save FOSS a11y.

    Planet GNOME

  • There are still a11y community members ready to help out though.

    Planet GNOME

  • The loss of the Sun Accessibility Project Office and other sources of funding will be felt very heavily by the Gnome a11y community.

    Planet GNOME

  • Funding channeled through the Linux Foundation would not be Gnome specific, but cross desktop a11y technology is what we have long been striving for.

    Planet GNOME

  • Assuming that Oracle do not wish to involve themselves in Gnome a11y, my back-of-the-envelope calculations indicate that we may have lost greater than $200,000 in anual funding over the last three years.

    Planet GNOME


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  • a11y, n. accessibility

    James Callan, 3 June 2015:

    #A11y experts: Is there a way to identify in Google Analytics people who use assistive technology to browse your site?

    September 3, 2015