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  • adjective Of or relating to Leninism.
  • noun A person who follows or supports Lenin or the philosophy of Leninism.


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  • Or in Leninist terms, they are exporting their internal contradictions.

    Courtesy of the Calgary Herald

  • Wolfe’s peculiar exercise in Leninist ideological discipline is for the most part a harmless addition to its author’s undistinguished body of work.

    Author claims review smeared him

  • The dictator Stalin was a thoroughgoing Leninist, that is to say a Nietzschean.


  • Lenin was not dealing with the Hamlet-like characters portrayed by Schapiro, but opponents as "Leninist" as himself.

    Liberalizing Lenin?

  • Everyone must pretend that everything is in good order and proceeding according to the 'Leninist' plan, carefully laid out in advance.

    Escapes From Freedom

  • Directions from Moscow based on "Leninist" principles must replace empirical methods of trial and error.

    Sidney Percival Bunting

  • But we shouldn't pin all the blame on ANSWER, or any allegedly "Leninist" group, for playing that role.

    Industrial Workers of the World - One Big Union!

  • And also any 'Leninist' likewise does unless they think the Bolsheviks were pacifists (and there are also many hypocrites amongst them as well).

    David Osler

  • I believe this system is a component of an organized threat to our democracy from a well-financed, self-described "Leninist," subversive, cult-like, conspiratorial movement intent on imposing a corporatist / theocratic authoritarian system on us.

    Seeing the Forest

  • According to another recent poll, the only political figure Swedish voters mistrust more than Social Democrat Party chair Mona Sahlin is Lars Ohly, the self-identified "Leninist" leader of the Left Party.

    Reason Magazine - All Reason Articles from the Past Year: Page 1


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