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  • proper n. The name of King Arthur's realm in the Matter of Britain.
  • proper n. In Arthurian legend, a chivalric code throughout Camelot wherein each knight had to take an oath of courage and might, act honorably, protect the helpless, and behave justly to all.


From Welsh Lloegr, the name for the region of present-day England. However, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, the realm was named after the legendary king Locrinus, the oldest son of Brutus of Troy. (Wiktionary)


  • Meliot of Logres, that is your man, the son of the lady that was slain on your account, sendeth you word that Nabigant of the

    The High History of the Holy Graal

  • The kingdom of Logres had been lost to the Saxons in the years after Camlann, leaving Dywel with nothing to lose in a fight save his own life.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • I am Taliesin, brother and bard to King Dywel of Logres.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • I expect Cynlas of Rhos and Dywel of Logres to arrive with their war bands.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • Now Madoc stood a little distance away with King Dywel of Logres, Cynlas of Rhos standing between the other two.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • Cynlas of Rhos and Dywel of Logres have already pledged their attendance at Ynys Mon—that is why they ride in with their war bands today.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • Indeed, the kingdom of Logres is really confined to Arthurian legend; Geoffrey of Monmouth uses the name “Loegria” to describe the territory containing most of England before it was taken by the Saxons.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • She scrambled quickly to her feet, then relaxed as she recognized the bard Taliesin, brother to Dywel of Logres, who had played for the feasting on Ynys Mon.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • Then, before she could speak, Dywel of Logres broke in.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • Thus, the head is at Logres where Arthur sits; students drink the milk of learning from the breasts of intelligo and credo in Gaul; the womb is at Byzantium, where the Emperor is found; the penis is at Jerusalem; the feet are at P'o-lu in Indonesia, beyond which is antipodean Byzantium, where rules the octopus-like headless Emperor, the perversion of all that is good.

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