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  • n. A branch of the Niger-Congo language family, spoken in the upper Niger River valley.
  • n. A member of a Mande-speaking people.

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  • proper n. A branch of Niger-Congo languages, spoken mostly in West Africa.

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  • n. a group of African languages in the Niger-Congo group spoken from Senegal east as far as the Ivory Coast


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Mandingo mandi, mande, diminutive of ma, mother.


  • - You say "Mande" when someone calls you ... in English.

    Hey Alex!

  • As well as allowing much more versatility for people using languages already supported by Windows, such as Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil and other Indic languages, the new fonts also expand the flexibility of the system for languages such as Khmer, Vai (a Mande language of Liberia) and Lao, giving users more options for those languages.

    Web Translations » Blog Archive » New Windows 7 fonts give more scope to non-Roman languages

  • The food sent to schools was "produced on days not associated with any illnesses," Mande says: June 6, 13 and 20.

    Why a recall of tainted beef didn't include school lunches

  • The meat for schools "is made from raw beef source material that is targeted solely for AMS product," explains Jerold Mande, the USDA's acting undersecretary for food safety.

    Why a recall of tainted beef didn't include school lunches

  • Gyi was hired in Indiana for a Pencak Silat Mande Muda group.

    Dr Gyi

  • We danced to the Djembe, a drum casted by blacksmiths of the Mande culture that has become most commonly associated with West African dance in America -- consisting of the most recognizable steps, costume ornamentation and popular rhythms.

    Sasha Brookner: Sabar: African Hip-Hop

  • "To take the next big step forward on food safety, we need to do more to have fewer pathogens on food animals when they arrive at the slaughterhouse gate," Jerold Mande, USDA deputy undersecretary for food safety, said last month.

    New methods aim to keep E. coli in beef lower all year

  • A collaborator with Damon Albarn and with Björk, it is, however, probably on his solo work (the wonderful Mande Variations from 2007, or the 2010 release Ali And Toumani, with the late guitarist Ali Farka Touré), that he is best heard.

    This week's new live music

  • But to us, Mande will always be known as the founder of the popular Tumblr blog "Look at This [blankity-blank] Hipster," which posts photos of 20-something Williamsburg residents with tight pants, too-big plastic glasses, "ironic" mustaches and really awful Flock of Seagulls-inspired haircuts, accompanied by suitably snarky commentary.

    Nightlife Agenda

  • "Mande?" is just the Spanish equivilent of the American "What?" in a conversation.

    Page 2


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