from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A pale, very dry sherry from Spain.


Spanish, diminutive of manzana, apple; see manchineel.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • La Manzanilla is the smaller of the two towns but both have their attractions.

    Favorite beach town north of Manzanillo?

  • La Manzanilla is a small town on a beautiful bay but that small town is rapidly being converted into a high cost, deluxe home, swelling gringo population that while still quiet will soon force the native population away from the beach.

    Living in Manzanillo

  • The band had fallen on "Manzanilla," and was rending it with variations when Collins circled round to the wheel and began playing the red.

    Bucky O'Connor

  • Houlihan (Cassidy) had bet some unknown soul he could count all the railroad ties between Puerto Sancto and Manzanilla.

    To all the late lamented boys and girls of summer, come back, go away, come back...

  • So when a former flower child gone-to-seed drove up Deboree's Oregon driveway to deliver the news that Houlihan had been found dead along the railroad tracks linking Puerto Sancto to Manzanilla, the news sent Deboree mind-tripping through all the deaths, public and private he'd ever known.

    To all the late lamented boys and girls of summer, come back, go away, come back...

  • : I'm a big fan of Manzanilla olives, preserved lemon and definitely vinegar.

    Top Chef Stephanie Izard

  • Black Pearls: The black Manzanilla (small) and Sevillano (jumbo) pitted olives are crisp and toothsome in consistency with a nutty flavor.


  • ISAKSON: Well, having visited our ports in Georgia and Savannah and Brunswick, I was in Manzanilla, Mexico two weeks ago looking at their security and then today got to see firsthand the cargo inspection that they do here as well as the redundant system they have for security and as John said, the 100 percent clearance on those that are coming through the United States.

    CNN Transcript Mar 12, 2006

  • In the same way, too, a taste for dry sherries arose with the Manzanilla epoch, only to be carried to excess.

    The Art of Living in Australia

  • How many times, from atop these mountains did we look down toward the plain and contemplate these sugar centers along the length of the Manzanilla coast, these sugar centers which gave so many fighting men to the Revolution, these sugar centers which suffered so harshly the rigors of tyranny's repression, these sugar centers against whose revolutionary spirit the minions of tyranny and Rolando Masferrer's murderers vented their fury!



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