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  • McCain, John Sidney III Born 1936. American politician, elected to the House of Representatives in 1982 and the Senate in 1986.

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  • proper n. A surname of Scottish Gaelic or Irish origin.


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  • JUST IN: MCCAIN STRUGGLING IN SENATE POLL - A new Research 2000/Daily Kos poll just dropped -- highlights: McCain is under 50 percent in his primary race, leading J.D. Hayworth 48-36 (was 52-37 in March) ...

    HUFFPOST HILL - MAY 6, 2010

  • EXCLUSIVE: MCCAIN FLAGRANTLY BREAKING HIS OWN LAW - When Democrats complained that John McCain's Senate campaign was illegally spending its money to back Raul Grijalva's opponent Ruth McClung, McCain whipped out docs showing he had filed with the FEC to make the independent expenditure.


  • MCCAIN REALLY, REALLY DOESN'T LIKE GRIJALVA - Republican challenger Ruth McClung didn't have a campaign office until McCain shared his headquarters with her.


  • Watch for mcCain to start telling audiences that Obama and Rove are in league with each other, and McCain is the only reformer in town.

    McCain's Lying Has Gone Too Far, According To ... Karl Rove!

  • | Reply | Permalink mccain is back on the defensive. seltzer came out today with a poll from indiana which shows Obama leading. now i dont believe he will win Indiana, but atleast it puts McCain on the defensive and now he has to spend money there. we all know if Obama merely ties or loses Indiana by a few points that it means he wins Ohio, Virginia.

    Another Poll Gives Obama The National Lead

  • | Reply | Permalink if mccain is picking up undecideds then this election is over. theres are 6% undecideds in Ohio and if they are going for McCain then he wins.

    TPM Track Composite: McCain Picks Up Undecideds, But Obama Still Way Ahead

  • But if McCain continues to dabble in over-the-top, in-your-face, logic-be-damned style bloviating, his presence in the history books may well be reduced to a diminishing footnote: John McCain*, bitter old man.

    Dylan Loewe: McCain's Viagra Problem

  • And when McCain responded by asking whether this kind of smear campaign showed that voters should think twice about trusting Bush, saying Bush was "twisting the truth like Clinton," Rove was able to turn that against McCain¸ by accusing McCain of "going negative."

    Lieberman: McCain's "Not Too Important" Comment Doesn't Matter Because He Served In Vietnam

  • I heard a pundit say today that because they are losing groung in so many red states simultaneously that Palin is campaigning without mcCain now ... and that she draws crowds of 10K and McCain barely can muster a crowd of 500 folks when he is alone.

    Election Central Sunday Roundup

  • If some deranged Mccain supporter really does try to kill Obama, how will McCain feel about it (personally, not McCain the candidate), and what will he do/say?

    McCain Communications Director Gave Reporters Incendiary Version Of "Carved B" Story Before Facts Were Known


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