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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • A region of southern North America comprising Mexico, Central America, and sometimes the West Indies.
  • noun That part of the US middle class thought of as being average in income and education and moderately conservative in values and attitudes.
  • noun The American heartland thought of as being made up of small towns, small cities, and suburbs.


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  • GLOBAL WARMING is searing Washington ... unfortunately the Ice Cap around Obama's brain seems impervious to the massive heat index and The Democrats and Obama lost those of us in what I call Middle America when they made clear their priority was a far left agenda that was going to destroy this nation.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • CJR is more concerned with Fox Business Network's seemingly bottomless supply of good cheer at a time when its professed target audience -- Main Street, aka Middle America -- is worried sick about losing jobs, homes, even shirts.

    Yvette Kantrow: Fox Business News: Relentless Sunshine

  • We know what you have been saying, but in small Middle America, that is what people are saying to the congressmen, and that congressman is going to go back to feel maybe more emboldened now to vote against this thing, and what do you do about that?

    CNN Transcript Oct 1, 2008

  • - aka Middle America - she's a smart person, who is an expert on the issue, who has a D after her name, and who thinks the guy may not be qualified.

    AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth

  • Coastal Democrats had decided that their inland brethren would never support a black man -- and so they themselves proceeded to not support a black man, leaving it to "Middle America" to propel Obama to the top of the ticket (by the by, if the term "Middle America" strikes as you similar to the Victorian term "Dark Africa," then you are smart).

    Ross Hyzer: Today Is the Day When Elections Are Going On

  • Richard M. Nixon championed the values of "Middle America;" Ronald Reagan damned a tax policy that took "from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned," and George W. Bush mocked "liberal elites" for being soft on terrorism and warm towards gay marriage.

    Michael Kazin: The Great Populist Divide

  • In 2006, there is nothing that screams "Middle America" (or perhaps the more accurate "Real America") than the phrase "military families."

    Digby: The Elite Media Still Don't Know They're Being Played

  • I cannot remember how many times "the middle class" - a.k.a. "Middle America," "real people," etc. -has been rediscovered by our politicians in recent years.

    Rediscovering 'Real People'

  • Surely that's the gold standard for "Middle America" credentials?

    Hot Topic Time

  • "Middle America" can detect a NYTimes reading, latte drinking etc. etc. a mile away.

    The problem with a woman running for President.


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