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  • Anecdote from /hikki/

    It doesn't sound like you have any social problems.

    If you didn't fit in in junior high or high school or otherwise got picked on, I would say stay the hell away from the military.

    It'll be just like school, except much more brutal and incessant.

    If you can fit in with jocks and assholes (no offense, just stereotyping so anon understands what I mean), then the military will be fine.

    I was in the Marines (the worst branch), infantry (yeah...don't ask about that, long story, I was going to be an officer but I lost all respect for the Corps and finished my contract quick & clean), and I fucking lost it.

    It's not like you can just join up, go to battle, do your job, do something good, and make lifelong pals.

    That's just recruiting bullshit.

    You're surrounded by the same human cancers you had in high school; they'll fuck with you everyday, nonstop, if you're the slightest bit different.

    I'm unsure how to read you, OP.

    The Marines are full of drunkards, criminals, drug-users, and guys who like to get into random fights.

    Not saying that's you, just saying; those are the people in there.

    If you decide to join, go Air Force.

    Only Air Force.

    They're the only ones that could be said that they take care of their people, and you have no clue what that means to be taken care of vs being hardcore, squared away, and good to go.

    It means they recognize you as a person, instead of using you as a punching bag for their own ego, or seeing you as a problem that's getting in the way.

    I was very good at my job (of killing people...ha, I know) but I was sneaky about it instead of loud and proud enough to bound down streets in plain view.

    So I racked up a lot of stealth kills but not "manly" kills. So thus they fucked with me severely for not being a macho football player...that makes no sense.

    January 3, 2010