from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A logical operator that consists of a logical AND followed by a logical NOT and returns a false value only if both operands are true.

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  • n. A binary operator composite of NOT AND; negation of AND function.


N(OT) + AND.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • A Toshiba spokeswoman said the company hopes the iPad 2 will help further boost the market for what are known as NAND flash memory chips—the chips used to store songs, video and photos in electronic devices.

    New iPad Is Two-Edged Sword for Suppliers

  • Sandisk has allied itself in NAND with Toshiba, once a DRAM fountainhead and technology ally of Siemens and IBM. Toshiba operates the joint venture factories from which Sandisk obtains most of its NAND chips and is no friend to Samsung.

    Semiconductors Are Halfway Through A Correction

  • Samsung knocked 30 percent off the price of its 2-gigabit chips for Apple -- which plans to buy 40 percent of Samsung's output of these chips for the Nano -- largely to spur adoption of its particular type of flash technology, called NAND, which is faster and holds more data, at the expense of the NOR technology promoted by Intel, which can handle data more easily.

    Welcome to the Age Of Flash Memory

  • High prices make Apple reluctant to strike longterm NAND flash deals


  • Mr. Otellini made the comments during Intel’s semiannual financial analyst day where he also said that the price erosion it had seen in NAND flash memory chips during the first quarter was nearly twice what it had forecast last year – a whopping 53 percent, rather the 27 percent the company had been predicting.

    Sell More NAND, Watch Margins Drop - Bits Blog -

  • The new plant will make so-called NAND flash memory chips, which are used to store data in electronic devices even when power is switched off.

    Samsung Seeks Approvals for a Chip Factory in China

  • Computer performance gains are now coming from other components, including a different type of memory, called NAND flash, which is edging into the data-storage role long played by hard disk drives.

    Fading Memory Saps Chip Makers

  • Wednesday, Micron said the average selling price for DRAM fell from its fiscal fourth quarter, as did the price for memory used in smartphones and other mobile devices, known as NAND flash chips.

    Micron Tech Swings to Loss

  • Their presence is felt most in the key market for what the industry calls NAND flash memory, chips at the heart of products like Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad.

    Quake Disrupts Key Supply Chains

  • Their biggest impact is on the hot market for what the industry calls NAND flash memory, which are at the heart of products like Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad.

    Japan Quake Rattles Chip Industry


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