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  • adj. Of or relating to a thousand, especially to a thousand years.
  • adj. Of, relating to, or believing in the doctrine of the millennium.
  • n. One who believes the millennium will occur.

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  • adj. Lasting or expected to last a thousand years.
  • n. A person who believes in an apocalyptic millennium, an Adventist.

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  • adj. Consisting of a thousand years; of or pertaining to the millennium, or to the Millenarians.
  • n. One who believes that Christ will personally reign on earth a thousand years; a Chiliast.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Relating or pertaining to a thousand, specifically to an expected millennial period of righteousness on earth; chiliastic: as, millenarian speculations.
  • n. One who believes in the millennium; more specifically, one who believes that Christ will visibly reign on earth with his saints for a thousand years or for an indefinite period of time before the end of the world; a chiliast. See millennium.

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  • n. a person who believes in the coming of the millennium (a time of great peace and prosperity)
  • adj. relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness


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From Late Latin millenarius +‎ -an.


  • These are the narratives of what anthropologists call millenarian movements -- cargo cults in Melanesia, or the American Indian Ghost Dances of the 19th century.

    The Full Feed from

  • That resistance, conventionally called millenarian, is in fact sacramental.

  • At worst, he is fueled by some kind of millenarian impulse, determined to go down in flames and to take his people with him as some kind of last stand against the long-dead scourge of colonialism.

    Mbeki and Mugabe

  • Modern-day jihadists are not; they live in the modern era which, while managing to appease violent "millenarian" tendencies in Christians, has evidently not managed to sate Muslim impulses.

    Jihad Watch

  • You will get a chuckle over this millenarian zealot's idea that capitalism leads to poverty and socialism leads to wealth, peace, justice and plenty.

    MIND MELD: Non-Genre Books for Genre Readers

  • The devil in the details, his extensive Internet postings, weld pre-modern millenarian Christian beliefs -- brilliantly identified in Norman Cohn's magnum opus The Pursuit of the Millennium, to post-modern anxieties over global immigration.

    Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco and Carola Suarez-Orozco: We Are all Norwegians Now

  • A New York Times article from March 19, 2000 provides an essential piece of context that helps explain why the Movement's millenarian message found so many receptive ears: "The church is 25 miles north of Rwanda, where 800,000 people were slaughtered in the 1994 genocide, and 10 miles from Congo, where armies of six African nations have been drawn into a civil war."

    Cult scene: New Zealand and Africa - Boing Boing

  • Wolverton wasn't just a funnybooks illustrator: he was also a member of a millenarian evangelical church called the Worldwide Church of God, a sect that believed in obeying Old Testament lifestyle laws and the literal truth of Revelations.

    Boing Boing

  • That's what passes for fiscal sanity in the econo-millenarian saucer cult the Republican Party has become.

    Richard (RJ) Eskow: Deficit Pipe Dreams: Social Security Cuts Would Increase Inequity and Keep Deficits, Er, High

  • The distinctive combination of millenarian economic ideas and unstable political structure faced a powerful shock from the global meltdown.

    James K. Galbraith: Could Europe's Political Project Go the Way of the US Confederacy?


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