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  • abbreviation normal temperature and pressure

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  • initialism computing Network Time Protocol.


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  • The ntp server global configuration is used to configure the NTP master clock to which other peers synchronize themselves.

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  • Please let me know how can i define one ntp server as primary & other secondary & also let me know how can I verify if linux box is properly synchronized with NTP server configured in NTP configuration file.

  • NTP is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network.

    2004 March

  • SERWER: Three-point-six million Americans use Blackberries, and there is a possibility, a small one, a possibility that a judge is going to shut the network down because of a long-running patent suit between the maker of this wireless Internet device, a company called Research in Motion -- it's a Canadian company actually -- and a small outfit called NTP, which is a patent-holding company, which means the company that simply holds patents.

    CNN Transcript Dec 1, 2005

  • We found out last week when Research in Motion (RIM), the company that makes the beloved BlackBerry, paid a company called NTP $612.5 million to settle a claim that it infringed on patents NTP was granted in 1991.

    BlackBerry Deal: Patently Absurd

  • NTP, which is seeking a court ruling to turn off the network, may have convinced a U.S. federal jury that its patents have been infringed by the Canadian company, yet the Patent Office--the guys that really count--has backed RIM all the way.

    Balsillie's RIM Scores Another Victory At Patent Office

  • And the nonprofit Environmental Working Group continues to voice concern about bisphenol A, calling the NTP's report "courageous."

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  • But a Supreme Court ruling in 2006, a few months after the RIM settlement, made such injunctions much harder to obtain for "non-practicing entities" such as NTP, which don't have commercial products.

    Apple, Google, Microsoft Accused Of Email Patent Infringement

  • Most high-tech companies are beset by patent ankle-biters, such as NTP, that don't make any products but own intellectual property they claim is being trampled.

    BlackBerry Smackdown

  • Apart from the conscious or unconscious desire to protect your livelihood how do you rationalize the Orwellian nonsense that has given us patent-holding firms such as NTP and their ilk?

    The 271 Patent Blog


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