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  • An ancient city of Babylonia on the Euphrates River southeast of Babylon. It was an important religious center in Sumerian times.

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  • proper n. An ancient city in Sumer, modern Nuffar in Afak Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate, Iraq.


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  • Sharon, Pa., died June 8 in Nippur, Iraq, when the wrecker in which he was a passenger was involved in a non-combat related rollover.

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  • It contains a town plan of the Babylonian religious center of Nippur, which is now an archaeological site in Iraq.

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  • Moreover, we shall later on examine another of the newly published Sumerian compositions from Nippur, which is not only semi-epical in character, but is of precisely the same shape, script, and period as our text, and is very probably a tablet of the same series.

    Legends of Babylon and Egypt in relation to Hebrew tradition

  • The important cities, such as Nippur and Shirpurla, were situated farther to the south.

    A History of Science: in Five Volumes. Volume I: The Beginnings of Science

  • Writer Zecharia Sitchin tells us that the Sumerians also called their Ziggurat temple in Nippur – (a truncated, stepped-pyramid) – Ekur, a “house which is like a mountain” – but quotes a poem which exalts the goddess Ninkharsag as the mistress of the “House with a Pointed Peak” – a perfect pyramid.

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  • I can also say with some certainty that Or-Grund made some 95 appearances in Editorial Columba's D'artagnan and Nippur in Argentina during the 70's and 80's.


  • When this story begins, the gods have apparently already established cities, for Enlil, the goddess Ninlil “lady wind” or “lady air” and her mother Ninshebargunu are dwelling in their temples in the city of Nippur.

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  • Those found at Nippur, for instance, show that bowls in Mandaic and Aramaic scripts could be found in homes around the same courtyard as Erica Hunter explained in her conference paper at the ARAM conference.

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  • It was known to the ancient Sumerians as early as 3400BC as the Hul Gil or joy plant and there are mentions of it on clay tablets found in excavations at the city of Nippur just east of Diwaniyah.

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  • But Leonardo's relatively diminutive examples of the mapmaker's craft are almost overcome by ancient, awesome and fanciful examples of cartography going back to a clay tablet inscribed with the city plan of Nippur in what is now Iraq, dating from about 1500 B.C.

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