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  • Herein he appears to differ from all the atheists of antiquity; from Ocellus, Lucanus, Heraclitus, Democritus, Leucippus, Strato,

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • Since Ocellus 'work is first mentioned by the Roman polymath, Varro, scholars have dated it to the first half of the first century BC.


  • Thus a correspondence between Plato and Archytas dealing with the acquisition of the writings of Ocellus (Diogenes Laertius VIII 80-81) may be intended to validate the forgery in Ocellus 'name (Harder 1966, 39ff).


  • The later forgery of works attributed to Timaeus and Ocellus does not of course mean that Pythagoreans of these names did not exist, and it is possible that the Timaeus of Locri who is the main speaker in Plato's Timaeus was an historical Timaeus (some have thought Plato uses him as a mask for Archytas, however).


  • In his catalogue of Pythagoreans, Iamblichus lists an Ocellus under Lucania and two men named Timaeus, neither under Locri.


  • Ocellus: a simple eye, consisting of a single convex or bead-like lens, which conveys an image to a retina.

    Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology

  • Pythagoras the mystic has vouchsafed us no writings of his own; but we may infer from his disciples, Ocellus the Lucanian and Archytas, for instance, that he headed his letters neither with Joy nor Prosperity, but recommended beginning with Hail.

    Works of Lucian of Samosata — Volume 02

  • Ocellus, Count of Nantes, and most of the inhabitants of Brittany, were buried in that city.

    Mediaeval Tales

  • Galdebode, King of Friezeland, led seven thousand heroes; Ocellus, Count of Nantes, two thousand, who achieved many memorable actions, celebrated in songs to this day.

    Mediaeval Tales

  • Constantine and Ocellus, but, seizing one under each arm, he bore them off likewise.

    Mediaeval Tales


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