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  • Formerly Pe·lew (pə-lo͞oˈ, pē-)Palau A group of about 200 volcanic islands and islets in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean. When the Carolines became part of the Federated States of Micronesia in 1978, Palau chose to form a republic in free association with the United States, which became effective in 1994. The capital is Koror. Population: 20,800.

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  • proper n. A country in Oceania. Official name: Republic of Palau.

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  • n. a republic in the western central Pacific Ocean in association with the United States
  • n. a chain of more than 200 islands about 400 miles long in the western central Pacific Ocean


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Palauan Belau ("Palau"), traditionally derived from Palauan aidebelau ("indirect replies") in reference to the island's creation story.


  • If you remember in Palau, one tribe lost challenge after challenge until only Stephanie was left in her tribe.

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  • (News reports say that Palau is getting $200 million for taking 17 of the Uighers).

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  • With its designers all from The Netherlands, the furniture developed and produced in The Netherlands and with their head office in Haarlem, Palau is a true Dutch company.

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  • But for the next 3 weeks or so, do not expect any updates as I will be in Palau Tekong undergoing my Basic Military Training.

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  • Hey, no one loves watching a complete tribal decimation more than I do, but we’ve read this script before back in Palau, and it was much more riveting then as Koror won every single immunity challenge until it was just Stephenie LaGrossa hanging out by her lonesome self back at the Ulong camp.

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  • And I asked you to do it without using the name Palau, P-A-L-A-U, from the South Pacific.

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  • About a year or so ago, National Geographic Channel set out their schedule of programming for 2007-8, noting that one would be on fossil pygmies found in Palau.

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  • Because the compound, called Palau'amine, is so strange and so difficult to make, it became a sort of Excalibur, with several labs around the world vying to be the first to build it.

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  • And of course, the third problem is the one I found out the hard way in Palau, which is the bends.

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  • However, the attackers whose intentions were to raid cattle in the area failed to find any cattle but exchanged fire with local people who were fetching water in an area called Palau, resulting into the shot of one victim, Ayuel Arok.

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