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  • And a Congressman who says he was "Palinized" -- his bipartisan attempt to help those at the end of life turned into death panels who would kill grandma.

    CNN Transcript Nov 25, 2009

  • GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann wrote in a letter to supporters that she did not want to be "Palinized" with personal attacks or "liberals 'scorn."

    The ‘Palinization’ Of Palin

  • Former beauty queen Carrie Prejean claims she has been "Palinized" by the "liberal media" for her anti-gay-marriage views.

    The ‘Palinization’ Of Palin

  • VIEIRA: You said in the book you have been "Palinized," referencing Sarah Palin.

    CNN Transcript Nov 10, 2009

  • Moreover, though, I feel no sense of identification with the contemporary American Right (especially the newly - "Palinized" right), however much I admire some of the writing and thinking going on among the smart, young "reformist" conservative set clustered around publications like

    A Thinking Reed

  • Prejean Slams Olbermann, Says Liberal Media "Palinized" Her & Talks About The "Sex Tape"


  • The world needs to be Palinized in order to survive and thrive for it is the edict and mandate from God herself!

    Palin stars in new Rand Paul commercial

  • And to gain credibility in his party and the country before he becomes Palinized, he needs to reintroduce himself and he needs to act quickly and skillfully before it's too late.

    George Alexander: Is Michael Steele The Next Sarah Palin?

  • And now Palin thinks she has been Palinized by NEWSWEEK, for last week's cover image of her looking fit and posing in running shorts, even though she has been photographed and filmed more than once in aerobic gear (most recently on Oprah just a few days ago).

    The ‘Palinization’ Of Palin

  • Now an ugly new term has entered the lexicon: being Palinized, usually intended to mean being viciously attacked for being female and Republican.

    The ‘Palinization’ Of Palin


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  • Lovely word for an awful concept.

    April 5, 2010

  • “Obama preempts the other side's most resonant arguments, which forces them to come up with more and more extreme claims in order to differentiate themselves. In the end, he occupies the reasonable middle ground and his opponents are Palinized.”

    Washington Monthly, Political Animal, by Steve Benen, March 23, 2010 (quoting a "Hill staffer")

    April 4, 2010