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  • n. A person from Panama or of Panamanian descent.
  • n. A person from Panama City.
  • adj. of, from, or pertaining to Panama or Panamanian people.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Of or pert. to Panama.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. a native or inhabitant of Panama
  • adj. of or relating to or characteristic of Panama or its people


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  • You're saying, where the hell did he come up with the word Panamanian from a box of Magnetic Poetry?

    Brief Encounters With Magnetic Poetry

  • As it happens though, while of "Columbian" (ie US) extraction the main hero takes his Balboan (aka Panamanian) wife's name and with mostly a Balboan "mercenary" army and "Arab" allies wins the war for the Columbians; so no paeans to the superiority of the "white man", no racism, but no mercy for the corruption of the Tranzis either.

    Liviu's Anticipated 2010 Releases Part 2

  • What we may call the Panamanian-Chinese Code, or the beginning of one, is likely to rank in the aftertime as an institute of high and permanent importance, its regulative prescriptions beneficently influential century after century and from end to end of the world.

    From the NYT Archives: The Yellow Peril, 1906

  • For the strongest quality of the Panamanian is his pride, and it is precisely that sentiment which we North Americans have either wantonly or necessarily outraged.

    The Path Between the Seas

  • Daniels 'eyes misted when he recalled his Panamanian protege, and he wiped away a tear.

    The Australian | News |

  • On the international market, Esmeralda Special, a rare kind of Panamanian bean, can go for $130 a pound wholesale.

    The Coffee Fix: Can the $11,000 Clover Machine Save Starbucks?

  • Watson says the two vessels are trying to prevent the Nisshin Maru from being refueled by a Panamanian-registered ship, the Sun Laurel.

    Conservationists Pledge to Avoid Harming Japanese Whalers During Chase

  • In the real world the military was used to arrest the head of the Panamanian state.

    Matthew Yglesias » Some F-22 Links

  • The Kuna rule the islands and neighboring Panamanian coastline as an autonomous province, the result of a somewhat bloody revolt against the central government in Panama City in 1925.

    Panama, Ho!

  • Mr. Vásquez's cheeky conceit is that Conrad filched his plot from a man who had lived through Colombia's decades of civil wars and the Panamanian fight for independence.

    A Tale of Two Joes, One of Them Conrad


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