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  • The court's chief justice, Mohammad Mahfud, said in the 8-to-1 decision that the law did not contradict the country's 1945 Constitution or its national ideology, known as Pancasila, even though both nominally guarantee freedom of religion.

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  • Embodies five principles of the state philosophy, called Pancasila, namely monotheism, humanitarianism, national unity, representative democracy by consensus, and social justice.


  • The second factor in the unification of the archipelago after the language was the "Pancasila".

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  • As citizens they support 'Pancasila' as the state ideology for the country, but as Muslims they support the establishment of an Islamic country, "another CSRC senior researcher Sukron Kamil said at the same forum.

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  • "Some 88.8 percent of the respondents approve of 'Pancasila' or state ideology and view the

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  • The third bomb was sent to the Pemuda Pancasila youth organization Chairman Yapto Soerjosoemarno.

    Jakarta Police Investigating Three Mail Bombs

  • Its official ideology, Pancasila, is studiously nonsectarian.

    NASA: Mission to Mecca?

  • The party has had some success influencing legislation, such as the 2008 anti-pornography law, and Pancasila parties feel the pressure to appease conservative voters.

    Angilee Shah: What Obama Missed in Indonesia

  • The three dominant political parties in Indonesia today are rooted in Pancasila, the preamble to Indonesia's constitution which expresses a commitment to pluralism and democracy.

    Angilee Shah: What Obama Missed in Indonesia

  • Such is the message of Indonesia's inclusive philosophy, Pancasila.

    Michele Bachmann & Allies: Obama Doesn't Say 'God' Enough


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  • Indonesia's state philosophy - we'll tell you what to think, thank you very much - consisting of five principles. The word is actually a compount of Sanskrit-derived terms panca five + sila pillar.

    April 28, 2014