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  • proper n. The prehistoric ocean surrounding Pangaea.


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Ancient Greek παν (pan, "all") + Ancient Greek θάλασσα (thalassa, "sea")


  • The ancient ocean called Panthalassa became the ancestor of which ocean?

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • Earth was covered by a single ocean known as Panthalassa with a smaller ocean to the east called Tethys.

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • "Panthalassa," surely the heaviest bolero fanfare ever recorded.


  • The old songs here are better produced than before, and work much more effectively in this album format, especially 'Panthalassa' which serves as the epic opener here.

    The Line Of Best Fit

  • This is still pretty much where my head is, though I've added Panthalassa ( "all seas") as my primary "deity."

    Something Cool

  • Which is to say, I may look to and venerate the Mórrígan, and Hecate, and Demeter, and Cernunnos (and a small host of others), but the concept of Panthalassa acts as a sort of godhead, freed of any connotations of gender or consciousness, morality or anthropomorphic form.

    Something Cool

  • Not some deity of the ocean, some anthropomorphic thing that resides in the sea, but the whole of the sea itself (Panthalassa).

    Of Books and the Sea

  • We sat and listened to all the sounds of Panthalassa, smelling all the smells.

    "If looks could kill, they probably will..."

  • I have seen few finer places to stand in the presence of Panthalassa than Cape Cod.

    A vagina is not a clown car.

  • As the sun set, I lay with my head in her lap, just listening, smelling, tasting, feeling the mist against my skin, letting Panthalassa pull me slowly back from the brink.

    Not with a bang, but a flood of white noise.


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  • also known as the Panthalassic Ocean, was the vast global ocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea, during the late Paleozoic and the early Mesozoic years. It included the Pacific Ocean to the west and north and the Tethys Ocean to the southeast. It became the Pacific Ocean, following the closing of the Tethys basin and the breakup of Pangaea, which created the Atlantic, Arctic, and Indian Ocean basins.

    October 14, 2011