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  • proper n. Heaven.
  • proper n. The Garden of Eden.


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From French paradis, from Latin paradisus, from Greek παράδεισος ‘royal park, orchard’, from Avestan 𐬞𐬀𐬌𐬭𐬌𐬸𐬛𐬀𐬉𐬰𐬀 (pairi.daēza), from 𐬞𐬀𐬌𐬭𐬌 (pairi, "around") and 𐬛𐬀𐬉𐬰𐬀 (daēza, "wall").


  • CHUCK ROUGH, DIRECTOR, EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER IN PARADISE, CALIFORNIA: Well, we actually now have evacuated from Paradise almost 14,000 people.

    CNN Transcript Jul 9, 2008

  • _Paradise Plumes_ -- One of the most popular foreign feathers brought to this country is the Paradise.

    The Bird Study Book

  • De Quincey instances neither, but chooses, as examples of the way in which two images may act and react, heightening each other by contrast -- first, the use of architectural terms in describing Paradise; next, the exhibition of a banquet in the desert in _Paradise


  • De Quincey enumerates some of them -- "Heaven opening to eject her rebellious children; the unvoyageable depths of ancient Chaos, with its 'anarch old' and its eternal war of wrecks; these traversed by that great leading Angel that drew after him the third part of the heavenly host; earliest Paradise dawning upon the warrior-angel out of this far-distant 'sea without shore' of chaos; the dreadful phantoms of Sin and Death, prompted by secret sympathy and snuffing the distant scent of 'mortal change on earth,' chasing the steps of their great progenitor and sultan; finally the heart-freezing visions, shown and narrated to Adam, of human misery through vast successions of shadowy generations: all these scenical opportunities offered in the _Paradise Lost_ become in the hands of the mighty artist elements of undying grandeur not matched on earth."


  • Exclusivity, like in Paradise, is about deciding who is unworthy.

    An Interview with Toni Morrison

  • Trouble in Paradise is an exposition that took place at Schönbrunn Zoo, in Vienna, with the objective of making people realize the impact of men on the environment.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • For those who might not know, 60s in Paradise is a very successful hamburger restaurant in Ajijic.

    Chapala 60s in Paradise

  • Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise is working her way through a series by Gabrielle Lord, which sounds pretty cool.

    Norway, Australia and London crime

  • Barry Golson's book, Gringos in Paradise, is a warm, entertaining, and illuminating tale of the experiences Barry and his wife Thia had while building their "dream house" in Sayulita, a little seaside village forty-five minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.

    Gringos In Paradise

  • And Serpent in Paradise is the rare book that captures that a place at a pivotal moment in its history, a paradise on the eve of self-destruction.

    2007 May 07 « One-Minute Book Reviews


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  • "The Constantinian basilica of Saint Peter's, the church to which the emperor donated the largest amount of spices, was entered via an atrium that was itself called Paradise,* enclosing a garden with fountains: a scaled-down version of the real thing. And if garden, waters, and enclosure of Paradise were imitated, why not its smell?

    *The word derives from the Persian, via Greek, meaning 'enclosure.'"

    --Jack Turner, _Spice: The History of a Temptation_ (NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 2004), 258

    December 6, 2016