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  • The symbol for the element palladium1.

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  • n. Symbol for palladium.

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  • proper n. The chemical symbol for palladium, an element of the platinum group of atomic number 46.

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  • n. A contraction of paid.
  • n. In chem., the symbol for palladium.

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  • n. a silver-white metallic element of the platinum group that resembles platinum; occurs in some copper and nickel ores; does not tarnish at ordinary temperatures and is used (alloyed with gold) in jewelry


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  • I don't feel the skeletal catalyst used by Mill's is just coincidently composed of Casimir cavities like the Haisch Moddel patent proposes, other catalysts such as Pd and Pd nanopowders (Arata), tungsten cathodes or cathodes formed through dual deposition like the LENR experiments of SPAWAR are also noted for their high surface area indicative of Casimir geometry.

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  • In May 2008Arata-Yang demonstrated the effect repeatedly using Pd and deuterium.

    Will 2010 be the Year of Zero Point Energy?

  • I find it interesting that the BBC in Italian newspapers is Bbc and the Democratic Party Pd... it seems strange that their formal writing permits this, but I'm not fluent enough to know the reason behind this.

    On studying history/History

  • The Times doesn't give news of serial sex abused womens who raped 15 women in Rome and is a leader of Pd, the party of Repubblica.

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  • Postmarks: CHICHESTER AU 25 1840; G PAID 26 H 26 1840; Pd; VIA DI PT BEAUVOISIN; ROMA 3 SET 1840 [two others illegible].

    New Letters from Charles Brown to Joseph Severn

  • I could make her rise in some sleight of mind to occupy the space Pd prepared, eyes faintly slanted and papery hands and how she used to smile privately and unbelievingly at the thought of us together and how she seemed to move in time-delay—the mind clocks in and the body follows.


  • Years after Pd seen him for the last time I found myself thinking of him unexpectedly and often.


  • In Pd II 76-8, 'sì come comparte | lo grasso e 'l magro un corpo, così questo | nel suo volume cangerebbe carte', where the moon is compared to a book whose pages are of varying thickness.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • In Pd XIII 121-3, 'Ben dico, chi cercasse a foglio a foglio | nostro volume, ancor troveria carta | u' leggerebbe "I' mi sono quel ch'i' soglio"', the volume refers to the Rule of St Francis, a big word for a small rule.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • In Pd XV 50-51 there is the 'magno volume | du' non si muta mai bianco né bruno', where the volume refers to God himself, or divine foreknowledge.

    Archive 2008-08-01


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