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  • Now, with ε a very small number, we call Pn the probability that z lies between q - ε and q + ε, or, what is the same, that x = nz lie between nq - nε and nq + n ε.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • A bed with a mattress but nq bedclothes; not that you need any in this climate.

    Podkayne Of Mars

  • They moved their bodies as they stared out the windows, so that by nq possibility would the plane's window mask something that they should see.

    Space Platform

  • H aq bq cq dq eq fq gq hq iq jq kq lq mq nq oq pq qq rq sq tq uq vq wq xq yq zq

    The Treasure-Train

  • The ",nq" suffix here just asks the expression evaluator to remove the quotes when displaying the final value nq = no quotes.

    Site Home

  • Had still soared with eyes fixed on Victory's sun! [nq] 3.

    The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 3

  • By aught than Romans Rome should thus be laid? [nq]

    The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 2

  • -- [MS.] [nq] {428} _Oh for the thousands of Those who have perished_

    The Works of Lord Byron. Vol. 3

  • Fixed ... no need for quote tags inside the nq tags.

    ZGeek - We put the "M" in stupid

  • UT T ME CE Suie p wefle ri gtc nq e ta e c mp s t dt n ldrc s ucn, n o ai we, n s ca-ewok grcut R tz s o r rcut e h iu s h t n o a s r i a, i t o rig in v t e b a d o il t ri e ri l i

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