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  • n. See Table at Bible.
  • n. Greek Mythology A Phrygian peasant who together with his wife Baucis received with great hospitality Zeus and Hermes disguised as men. The gods rewarded the couple by turning their humble cottage into a temple and by turning them in their old age into intertwining linden and oak trees.

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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Meliphagidae — the friarbirds.
  • proper n. The eighteenth book of the New Testament of the Bible, the epistle of St Paul to a fellow Christian called Philemon.
  • proper n. A male given name, always rather rare.

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  • n. a New Testament book containing an epistle from Saint Paul to Philemon asking Philemon to forgive the slave for escaping
  • n. (New Testament) a Christian (probably living in Colossae) whose slave escaped and went to see Saint Paul
  • n. (Greek mythology) a simple countryman who offered hospitality to Zeus and Hermes when they came to earth without revealing their identities in order to test people's piety


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From Ancient Greek Φιλήμων (Philēmōn), from φιλήμων (philēmōn, "kindly, affectionate"), from φιλέω (phileō, "I love")



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