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  • A country of central Europe bordering on the Baltic Sea. Unified as a kingdom in the 10th century, it enjoyed a golden age under the Jagiello dynasty (1386-1572) and was a major power in the 15th and 16th centuries. National independence was lost in 1697 and it was carved up among other states in three partitions (1772, 1793, and 1795). Poland then disappeared as a geographic entity until its reconstitution as a republic in 1918. Its present boundaries date from the end of World War II. Warsaw is the capital and the largest city. Population: 38,500,000.

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  • proper n. A country in Central Europe. Official name: Republic of Poland.

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  • n. a republic in central Europe; the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 started World War II


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From the name of the West Slavic tribe Polans (in Polish: Polanie) from Old Slavic pole, precursor of Polish polje ("field").


  • The book under review was FEAR: ANTI-SEMITISM IN POLAND AFTER AUSCHWITZ, and it tells the shocking story of how -- even after the Nazis had been defeated, and the concentration camps liberated -- a wave of killings, by ordinary Poles, of the remnant of the Jews still alive in Poland.

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  • POLAND - A pair of vandals on four-wheelers left a swath of destruction in Poland early

    Sun Journal top news

  • POLAND - Three children from Poland Community School mark Androscoggin County's first confirmed cases of the swine flu.


  • POLAND THE LIST OF THE VICTIMS: Lech Kaczynski, The President of Poland Zbigniew Wassermann, - Photown News

  • Recent productions include the New York premiere of Lloyd Suh's AMERICAN HWANGAP (U.S.), U.S. premieres of Przemyslaw Wojcieszek's MADE IN POLAND (Poland); Robert Farquhar's BAD JAZZ (England); Vijay Tendulkar's SAKHARAM BINDER Tulsa Stories

  • However, I do not believe the gassing and cremation of several million people at giant camps in Poland is genocide.

    Matthew Yglesias » No One Expects The Spanish Inquisition

  • Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said that a preliminary deal allowing the US to site missiles in Poland is aimed against Russia.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Total foreign investment in Poland is growing rapidly.

    Poland and the Twenty-First Century

  • May I repeat that the fundamental necessity in Poland is now understanding and dialogue.

    Lech Walesa - Nobel Lecture

  • The dialogue in Poland is the only way to achieving internal peace and that is why it is also an indispensable element of peace in Europe.

    Lech Walesa - Nobel Lecture


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  • For more information about Poland, Polish-Americans, and Polish jokes, see the documentary film, Polack, at

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