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  • (The Bankruptcy Act of 1800 would later be repealed after its three-year duration expired in 1803.) 3 ** The Panic of 1819 -- Precipitated by speculation in western lands, followed by a contraction in credit.

    Lurching Toward Gomorrah: More Signs of An Unstoppable Economic Meltdown

  • Precipitated by intensive planning, great effort was expended to solve the problem.

    The Cumulative Effect of Lesser Evils

  • Precipitated at the apex of the spit, the sand as it sinks tints the verge of the sea, while the lighter spoil, leaves and wisps of seaweed, trip off on independent voyage.

    Tropic Days

  • Precipitated by the fall of Jerusalem, the Third Crusade was a completely lay and royal affair, despite the efforts of the papacy to regain control.

    b. The Crusades

  • Precipitated by the corrupt election of the (Cluniac) Cardinal Pierleone (son of a rich converted Jewish banker of Rome), as Anacletus II (1130–38), and the hostility of the rival houses of Corsi and Frangipani.

    1077, Jan

  • The theory that life originated in hydrothermal vents hails from "A Hydrothermally Precipitated Catalytic Iron Sulphide Membrane as a First Step Towards Life" by M.J. Russel et al. (Journal of Molecular Evolution, v39, 1994).


  • Precipitated action is uncalled for as it may adversely affect police investigations.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Precipitated compounds are removed upon aeration (see Fig. 5).

    3. Technologies

  • Precipitated by Gamal Abdel Nasser (1918-1970), president of

    International Committee of the Red Cross – Nobel Lecture

  • _ -- Precipitated from its solutions by potassium carbonate or sulphuric acid.

    Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology


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