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  • The disciples of Darwin, Hermann Muller among others, consider a little wild bee, the Prosopis, which is to be found all over the universe, as the actual representative of the primitive bee whence all have issued that are known to us to-day.

    The Life of the Bee

  • The savannas are characterized by species such as Prosopis chilensis, Acacia spp., and Psidium guava.

    Leeward Islands xeric scrub

  • Other species, such as Prosopis cineraria, take 7 to 8 years to set seed.

    Chapter 9

  • Some of these trees, such as Prosopis species will produce food for humans and fodder for livestock within 3-5 years from seed, even in arid regions.

    4: Multipurpose trees

  • Remember also that some trees, called leguminous trees, such as Prosopis, Faidherbia and Leucaena can take nitrogen from the air and turn it into nitrogen that the tree can use to grow, so you may not need to fertilize the tree with nitrogen.

    Chapter 7

  • Common species in this area include: Prosopis juliflora, Acacia tortuosa, Haematoxyln brasiletto, Capparis indica, Celtis iguanaea, Malphigia punicifolia, Bourreria succulenta and Casearia tremula.

    Aruba-Curaçao-Bonaire cactus scrub

  • Dispersed in the grasslands are trees of Crecentia cujete, Ceiba pentandra, Lecythis minor, Ochroma pyramidale, Prosopis juliflora, Cavanillesia platanifolia and palms trees of Sabal mauritiiformis, Acrocomia aculeate, Attalea butyracea and several Bactris spp.

    Sinú Valley dry forests

  • The plateau of Bandiagara is covered in a typically Sudanian savanna flora, including communities of Daniellia oliveri in association with Butyrospermum parkii, Parkia biglobosa, Terminalia macroptera, Khaya senegalensis, Vitex cienkowskii, Prosopis africana and brush species such as Combretum micranthum, Heeria insignis and Guiera senegalensis.

    Cliffs of Bandiagara (Land of the Dogons), Mali

  • Away from the Gulf influence in the area surrounding the Pinacate Encelia farinosa, Larrea tridentata, and cacti species such as Olneya, Cercidium, Prosopis, and Fouquieria again dominate the desert.

    Sonoran desert

  • Where the dunes allow for slight inclination of the slope, species of mesquite (Prosopis), Cercidium, palo fierro (Olneya tesota), Candalia, Lycium, choya (Opuntia), Fouquieria, jécota (Hymenoclea) and Acacia are favored.

    Sonoran desert


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