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  • n. The quarrelsome hook-nosed husband of Judy in the comic puppet show Punch and Judy.
  • idiom pleased as Punch Highly pleased; gratified.

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  • proper n. Name of a glove puppet who was the main character used in a Punch and Judy show.
  • proper n. Name of a famous satirical magazine
  • proper n. Indicates a high level of professionalism because of being a past contributor to the magazine.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Short for Punchinello.

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  • But when police and health officials failed to find any missing digits among the workers involved in the restaurant's supply chain, suspicion fell on Ayala, and her story has become a late-night punch line. link Punch line?

    From On High

  • His performance and figures were first-rate -- far superior to anything of the present day, and it is quite evident that poor Leech and others copied _my_ Punch, for _Punch_ and other works, from the Punch that I copied from this Italian Punch.

    The History of "Punch"

  • "A Word with Punch" -- which the _Punch_ men are said to have bought up as far as possible -- had a considerable sale, and an "édition de luxe" was also issued, coloured.

    The History of "Punch"

  • Make a fist as in "Punch" and place knife along fingernails with blade toward little finger side; twist wrist inward quickly and say "period."

    Naomi Craig RA: Sports and Games

  • I remember many years ago a cartoon which appeared in "Punch", a periodical widely believed to be stuffy and stupid by those who never see it (Amusement).

    International Radio in War and Peace

  • In February of 1941, Captain "Punch" Dickins of the Canadian Pacific Air Services came into the picture and plans were made for new airports, additional living quarters, stores and hangars, etc.

    Some Aspects of the Royal Air Force Transport Command

  • First published in "Punch" magazine in 1935, with black-and-white drawings by Ernest Shepard.

    The Modern Struwwelpeter

  • Wondrich advocates simple, old-fashioned recipes: "In general, the more punch I make, the more I preach restraint," said Wondrich, the author of who also is writing a new book on punch history to be published next year (under the title Punch, or the Delights and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl Chronicle

  • And now I am upon this subject, I must do myself justice in relation to an article in a former paper, wherein I made mention of a person who keeps a puppet-show in the town of Bath; [430] I was tender of naming names, and only just hinted, that he makes larger promises, when he invites people to his dramatic representations, than he is able to perform: but I am credibly informed, that he makes a profane lewd jester, which he calls Punch, speak to the dishonour of

    The Tatler, Volume 1, 1899

  • And this month's (May 2010) art theme over at Super Punch is ...

    MORE Conan Randomness!


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