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  • n. The priestess of the oracle of Apollo at Delphi.


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From Late Latin pythonissa, from Ancient Greek Πυθία. Compare Pythia.


  • -- The Pythoness was the priestess who gave out the oracles at Delphi.

    Fables of La Fontaine — a New Edition, with Notes

  • Pythoness or not, Mary Lease could probably not approve of today's play-acting "barn raisings."

    Ken Blackwell: Piddler on the Roof

  • Deep within the grotto, the Pythoness sways on her throne, in the ebb and flow of her oracular dream.

    The Clique

  • Mary herself caught the infection as if by a sort of magnetic influence, and raising herself from her bed, without being able to withdraw her eyes from those of Magdalen, waited as if for the oracle of a Pythoness.

    The Abbot

  • I always thought there was something just a little screwy about the pageantry of the Pythoness or whoever that priestess is who invokes the light of Apollo upon the cauldron, etc. etc., when applied to a secular transnational “athletics movement”.

    The Beleaguered Torch, Now With Nazi Origins - The Lede Blog -

  • Sacred kings of Delphi always killed their predecessors, who were laid to rest in the stone omphalos where the Pythoness sat to commune with the oracular spirit.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Python personified the prophetic spirit of the Delphic oracle, whose prietstess was always the Pythoness even when the shrine was taken over by Apollo.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • "That is the Ancient Pythoness," he said absently.

    All Together Dead

  • "I felt it my duty to protect my client, Ancient Pythoness."

    All Together Dead

  • "In the time since that night, you have suffered many other losses," the Ancient Pythoness observed.

    All Together Dead


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