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  • That undoubtedly explains why the Reciprocation rule manifests itself in every civilization on earth.

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  • Like the principle of Authority, Reciprocation is probably as much trained into us as it is hardwired, but the results are the same: When wielded correctly, this weapon creates an often irresistible force on our decision-making process.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • Reciprocation principle: The sense that we have an obligation to repay a debt, favor, or concession.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • Most successful techniques for influencing people fall into one of six categories: Commitment and Consistency, Liking, Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity and Reciprocation CLASS R.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • An interesting corollary to the Reciprocation rule is that we often are willing to pay people back even for intangibles.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • As a result of having invoked the Reciprocation principle, I have obtained something that is infinitely more valuable to me than the few dollars it cost, something that allows my speaking sessions to move into more entertaining learning experiences.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • Somewhere along the line, all these individuals had discovered the benefits of the Reciprocation principle.

    Life Is a Series of Presentations

  • I can now, since they reciprocate, infer A from B. Reciprocation of premisses and conclusion is more frequent in mathematics, because mathematics takes definitions, but never an accident, for its premisses-a second characteristic distinguishing mathematical reasoning from dialectical disputations.

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  • [Sidenote: V] There are people who have a notion that Reciprocation is simply just, as the Pythagoreans said: for they defined the Just simply and without qualification as "That which reciprocates with another."


  • [Sidenote: 1113b] Very well then, there will be Reciprocation when the terms have been equalised so as to stand in this proportion;



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  • Wikipedia:

    In social psychology, reciprocity refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, and responding to a negative action with another negative one. Positive reciprocal actions differ from altruistic actions as those only follow from other positive actions and they differ from social gift giving in that those are not actions taken with the hope or expectation of future positive responses.

    Moral reciprocity

    Another form of reciprocity is moral reciprocity. Moral reciprocity refers to the general tendency of humans (and, some argue, other animals) to reciprocate both assistance and harm in relation to the subjective interpretation of that assistance or harm as moral or immoral. For example, neoclassical economics holds that rational individuals will only engage in actions that maximize their material gains. Researchers believe that moral reciprocity may be the reason why many individuals are willing to pay a price considered to be irrationally large (within the framework of neoclassical economics) to punish others they believe have acted immorally.

    January 3, 2010