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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Republican Party of the United States.
  • adj. Alternative capitalization of republican.
  • proper n. An Irish nationalist; a proponent of a united Ireland.
  • proper n. A supporter of the government or left-wing side in the Spanish Civil War.
  • proper n. A member or supporter of the Republican Party of the United States


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  • MEEK HIGHLIGHTS CRIST'S REPUBLICAN PAST IN FIRST GENERAL ELECTION AD - In an attempt to bring centrist, Crist-supporting Democrats back into the fold, Kendrick Meek has unveiled a radio ad featuring clips of the Florida governor praising Republican politicians and policies.


  • BARRASSO RUNNING FOR VICE-CHAIR OF REPUBLICAN CAUCUS - With Lisa Murkowski abandoning her number four spot in the Republican caucus to run as a write-in candidate, the Wyoming senator John Barrasso is looking to take her place.


  • RON BONJEAN, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well, this is the last thing that Republican members want right now on Capitol Hill.

    CNN Transcript May 29, 2009

  • JIM GREER, FLORIDA REPUBLICAN PARTY CHAIRMAN: Well, I think you saw where they were when the polls showed that unfortunately from a Republican standpoint, President Bush was down in the 20s.

    CNN Transcript Sep 13, 2009

  • WHIT AYRES, REPUBLICAN POLLSTER: This is a particularly complex issue in Florida, because you have so many Cuban-Americans, so many Latino Americans who are rock-ribbed Republicans, who have not been real happy with the tenor of the discussion in the Republican primaries about illegal immigration.

    CNN Transcript Jan 25, 2008

  • BAY BUCHANAN, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Women are not naturally voting Republican, and yet we seem to have captured enormous numbers of them that would -- should have been going the other way.

    CNN Transcript Sep 19, 2008

  • LESLIE SANCHEZ, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: There's no doubt from the Republican standpoint it's a great battle to see.

    CNN Transcript May 6, 2008

  • JESSICA COLON, YOUNG REPUBLICAN NATIONAL FEDERATION: Well, what's great about the Republican candidate -- the Republican candidates and the young Republican voters -- the young Republican votes have voted for every -- nearly every winner in every primary thus far, whereas the Democratic youth voters have really focused all their energy on Barack Obama.

    CNN Transcript Feb 8, 2008

  • REPUBLICAN PARTY: We will just simply not allow the Democrat to run on Republican principles and say that party makes no difference.

    CNN Transcript May 14, 2008

  • The fact is, I was trying to point out that it seemed to me, strategically, that Ron Paul supporters who like his anti war and pro habeus corpus positions would be more like to switch to a democrat than to a republican, if Paul did not win the Republican primaries.

    Printing: Can We Talk Strategy-- Even if it includes thinking about Right Wing Candidates


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