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  • I-V deal with the years 1789-1799 and mainly with the effects of the Revolution throughout Europe, a monumental work of the highest merit; Gustave Le Bon, _La révolution française et la psychologie des révolutions_ (1912), trans. by Bernard Miall under the title of _The Psychology of Revolution_ (1913), a noteworthy contribution to the study of "mob psychology" as exemplified by the

    A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.1.

  • I do not wish to say, ‘to the successes of the Revolution, ’ because I believe that the defeats of the revolutionary democracy are victories for the Revolution….

    Appendix to Chapter II

  • Promoted to Headline (H2) on 6/20/09: Are the Iranian Election Protests Another US Orchestrated 'Color Revolution'? yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Are the Iranian Election Protests Another US Orchestrated \'Color Revolution\'? '

    Are the Iranian Election Protests Another US Orchestrated 'Color Revolution'?

  • Skin Revolution is dedicated to providing products that utilize historically proven natural ingredients for skin care remedies.

    Turn Back the Clock: Our Picks For the Top Anti-Aging Products of 2006

  • It actually has the word LOVE, picked out in big red letters from the word "Revolution."

    Robin Koerner: Ron Paul and the Love Revolution of 2012

  • Priest, that our Revolution is the struggle of the poor against the rich, who thrive on the poverty of the poor.

    Religion In Latin America: A Documentary History

  • But I (writing with Arvind Panagariya in the Wall Street Journal immediately after the election results) produced the alterantive hypothesis, that the reforms had finally led to a massive reduction of poverty, and that this poverty reduction had finally led to what we called the Revolution of Perceived Possibilities, or what we used to call the Revolution of Rising Expectations.

    The Indian Elections

  • The great struggle, which we call the Revolution, but which was, in fact, only a justifiable and successful rebellion, had exhausted the force and drained the coffers of the feeble federal government; had plunged the infant states into enormous debts; and the only means of paying these were the boundless but unclaimed lands of the west, which the same causes rendered them unable to protect.

    Western Characters or Types of Border Life in the Western States

  • Mr. John Spargo feels that reforms "will prove in their totality to be the Revolution itself," and that if the Socialists keep in sight this whole body of reforms, which he calls the Revolution, "as the objective of every Reform," this will sufficiently distinguish them from non-Socialist reformers.

    Socialism As It Is A Survey of The World-Wide Revolutionary Movement

  • Mirabeau has taken the course of going to see in another world if the Revolution is approved of there.

    The Ruin of a Princess


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  • Ugh this entire revolution thing is overrated everyone just give it up. I'm looking at you, Enjolras *glares at coffin*

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