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  • proper n. A surname after a natural landscape feature.
  • proper n. A male given name transferred from the surname.


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Middle English  ("ridge")


  • Moving back into the picture and up the ridge Houck's Ridge, everything to the left of the lone tree was woods and only the gap between the lone tree and the woods on the right existed.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • With the first lifting of darkness he was traveling swiftly ahead of Peter and the morning was only half gone when he saw far ahead of him the great ridge which shut out Indian Tom's swamp, and Nada's plain, and Cragg's Ridge beyond it.

    The Country Beyond

  • I have been over the ridge to Culpeper C.H. to see Gen. Lee, and had to come back by the way of New Market, a long circuit, but necessary for safety, as the enemy was along the base of the Ridge and rapidly advancing, though I hear that they have fallen back now.

    Augusta County: Jedediah Hotchkiss to Nelson H. Hotchkiss, November 12, 1862

  • RIDGE, MD - JANUARY 8: Maryland Department of Natural Resources and local wildlife rehabilitators are trying to capture and rescue a group of freezing brown pelicans that failed to migrate last year from Ridge, MD on January 8, 2010.

    Redskins Insider Podcast -- The Washington Post

  • At the time, (1960) most citizens thought the burial mounds were part of the ridge (Crowley's Ridge).

    Helena Daily World Homepage RSS

  • Vimy Ridge is a name written in crimson and gold on the Canadian annals of the Great War.

    Rilla of Ingleside

  • So they bought the pretty place, which she called Ridge Cottage, but Frank did not live to occupy it.

    Tracy Park

  • Michael: I mostly agree with you, but I find that forgiveness for those who are truly sorry (not saying that Ridge is or is not), encourages justice and good government as much as anything else. The Threat Level Remains Unchanged

  • Tom Ridge is spot on correct, If a terrorist is part of al Quaeda and commits an act or war (AKA terrorism) against the US, he should be given his miranda rights and allowed to shut up.

    Ridge: Terror suspect doesn't deserve 'full range' of rights

  • Tom Ridge is a heck of a lot smarter about protecting our country than Janet Napolitano; he is correct.

    Ridge: Terror suspect doesn't deserve 'full range' of rights


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