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  • n. The economic policies followed by Roger Douglas, New Zealand finance minister, characterised by market-led restructuring and deregulation and the control of inflation through tight monetary policy, accompanied by a floating exchange rate and reductions in the fiscal deficit.


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Roger +‎ -nomics


  • Hell they even coined the phrase Rogernomics for him.

    The Marmot's Hole

  • The plan, nicknamed "Rogernomics" after then-Finance Minister (now Sir) Roger Douglas, was akin to Reaganomics, and the island nation grew smartly.

    You Can't Spend Your Way Out of the Crisis

  • They returned Roger Douglas, the architect of New Zealand's "Rogernomics" big bang economic reform, with his minority Association of Consumers and Taxpayers New Zealand party, headed by Rodney Hide.

    A Kiwi Revival?

  • They could learn something from the New Zealand experience of "Rogernomics" where the idea was to move quickly on a broad front so that people who were losers from some changes would gain from others and there was no sense of any particular group being picked on well in theory anyway.

    The Difficulty of Reforming France and Why Nicolas Sarkozy Doesn’t Get It - The Austrian Economists

  • On the Lange reforms in New Zealand, it is interesting that they were driven by the Finance Minister, Roger Douglas, giving rise to the term "Rogernomics" to describe a sweeping program of reform on as many fronts as possible.

    2006 Trotter Lecture --- NZBR - The Austrian Economists

  • Like New Labour, which was formed by opponents of the neo-liberal policies of the 'Rogernomics' era, the Maori Party was a response to betrayal.

    Reading the Maps

  • That was a part of the tiny nation's free-market reforms championed by Finance Minister Roger Douglas that came to be called "Rogernomics," which outdid Reaganomics in the States.


  • 'Rogernomics', (New Zealand's brush with monetarism) but it doesn't appear anywhere on the internet.

    Telegraph Blogs

  • The 1990-1999 National governments led by Jim Bolger and then Jenny Shipley had originally sought power promising a "decent society" as an antidote to "Rogernomics", the unpopular economic policies pursued by the previous Labour government.

  • "Rogernomics" had left off - and were quickly dubbed "Ruthanasia" by critics.


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  • Reference is to former New Zealand Finance Minister Roger Douglas. Wikipedia has an article on Rogernomics.

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