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  • n. The worship of Satan characterized by a travesty of the Christian rites.
  • n. Profound wickedness.

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  • n. Worship of Satan (usually synonymous with "the Devil").
  • n. Any religion seen as either non-Christian or anti-Christian.
  • n. A profession, philosophy, or ideological construct featuring a positive, admirable, or useful association to the figure, character or entity known as 'Satan'.
  • n. The religion of the Church of Satan, founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey, which characterizes human instincts and desires as "Satan" and urges capitulation to such instincts and desires; also called LaVeyan Satanism.

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  • n. The evil and malicious disposition of Satan; a diabolical spirit.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The evil and malicious disposition of Satan; a diabolical spirit, doctrine, or contrivance.

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  • n. a belief in and reverence for devils (especially Satan)


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  • A wider view of Satanism is closer to traditional Devil worship, but with a more contemporary understanding of magic, physics, folklore, theology, and human nature.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • Post-Modern Satanism is very much like dark humanism with the Nietzsche, Rand, and other atheistic philosophers.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • If you react with similar outrage to an inverted cross, do you get to ban that too, regardless that Satanism is largely the province of New Age eccentrics and angsty teens with a taste for loud guitar music?

    An Open Letter to the Usual Suspects

  • Another (at least apparent) contradiction inherent in Satanism: if Satanists are influenced by Nietzsche as much as they claim to be, then shouldn't that put them "beyond good and evil", rather than siding with evil, like naughty schoolboys.

    An Interview with Venger Satanis : The Lovecraft News Network

  • I've always felt that the trouble with Satanism is that in trying to kick against Christianity, Satanists end up worshipping a Christian god - it was the Christians who invented the devil.

    An Interview with Venger Satanis : The Lovecraft News Network

  • Within the WSA Progressive Satanism is not a church defined doctrine or prophetic decree imposed upon a mass of believers.

    Progressive Satanism? Satanic Insurance or an Cult! | Disinformation

  • I have been involved in Satanism since I was seventeen, I started late of course and with such a late start I had to ramp up what I knew and I how it fit into my life, I say eighteen but probably more like thirteen was reality but as any of the masses learning required many hours of study.

    Internet Satanism: The War Begins | Disinformation

  • Remember ninety nine percent of those in Satanism “bought the t-shirt” and then stood in line at the Church of Satan and drank Kool-Aide, paying two hundred dollars a cup for a failed Satanic System that was nothing short of “Cut and Paste” plagiarism and commercial fraud.

    More on The War in Satanism | Disinformation

  • I hold conversations with many leaders in Satanism and find much contempt for the people who truly worship Satan, we seem to remain the intellectual and the honest people in Satanism.

    More on The War in Satanism | Disinformation

  • Satanism is not a joke, it is a time honored tradition that pre-dates Christianity in its purest form, and if you simply look into the annals of history you will find those who were ordained in various ceremonies and circles, by elders and those than practiced before them.

    Satanism Exposed: The ONA Fake Org | Disinformation


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