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  • A prominent exhibition at the AHEC stand greeted delegates during the event, including large wooden scale models of David Adjaye's American tulipwood pavilion 'Sclera', which was built for the London Design Festival; and Philip Koomen's 'Wave and Splash' tulipwood bench from the Hay Literary Festival. Latest News

  • Leonard Allen, president of Sclera Sustainable Energies, says projects started disappearing after Hudak said he'll end the "unsustainable" feed-in tariff program, or FIT. - Home Page

  • Meanwhile, we can add more votes in jira facelight CG Facelight 4.1 | Aenea's Fireflies skin [42] 1227 tan (shaved) eyes [Detour] Gamma Eyes - Grey (Light Sclera) lashes (CS) Lashes - Deviant - Size 2 hair

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  • Sclera • Whites of the eye • Made up of 3 layers • Tough, fibrous tissue: site of extra-ocular muscle attachment • Opaque ... allows no light to enter • Subject to inflammation

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  • Connective tissue fibers: Collagen Elastic Reticular Colorless to white Yellow Argyrophilic reacts with silver stains Elastic and have greater Slender, refractile fibers Very slender forming strenght delicate net like patterns Most abundant and widely Walls of blood vessels and Hematopoetic and distributed organs capable of lymphoid organs distention Types of Collagen fibers and their distribution: Type I: Most abundant and widely distributed Dermis, bone, tendon, dentine, Fascia, Sclera of Eyeball, Capsules of Organs, Fibrous cartilage Type II: Hyaline and Elastic cartilages Type III: Smooth muscles, Hematopoetic and Lymphoid organs

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  • Sclera Receptor cells Rod Cone Retina Bipolar neuron Ganglion cell Nerve fibers Horizontal cell Amacrine cell Light waves Retinal pigment epithelium Pigmented choroid coat Impulses to optic nerve Vitreous humor Layer of connecting neurons Copyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies,

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  • [Detour] Feline Eyes - Grey (Dark Sclera) ⇒. lashes.

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  • [KA] SKINS - Sunkissed - V1 * Natural* LB eyes [Detour] Gamma Eyes - Grey (Light Sclera) lashes * Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes hair Magika Hair - Lucy - Red E | Magika Hair - Jaime - Red E | Magika Hair - Zomg -

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  • These sweaters are available in 6 warm colours but in this one 100\% of the proceeds will benefit Spork | hippoUPDATE: | Store Cards: | flickr pool: | OnRez: | X Street: facelight CG Facelight 4.1 | Aenea's Fireflies skin (CS) Vogue Skin - Amber (Canimal Glow - Pink) Freckled eyes [Detour] Gamma Eyes - Grey (Light Sclera) lashes * Sin Skins* Fluff Lashes hair > TRUTH

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