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  • proper n. A small autumn constellation of the northern sky, said to resemble a shield. It lies between the constellations of Aquila, Sagittarius, and the tail of Serpens.

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  • n. An oblong shield made of boards or wickerwork covered with leather, with sometimes an iron rim; -- carried chiefly by the heavy-armed infantry.
  • n. A penthouse or awning.
  • n.
  • n. The second and largest of the four parts forming the upper surface of a thoracic segment of an insect. It is preceded by the prescutum and followed by the scutellum. See the Illust. under Thorax.
  • n. One of the two lower valves of the operculum of a barnacle.

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  • n. In Roman antiquity, a large oblong shield of heavy-armed Roman legionaries, as distinguished from the small round shield, or clypeus.
  • n. In anatomy, the knee pan; the rotula or patella. See cut under knee-joint.
  • n. In zoöl, a plate, shield, buckler, or some similar part; a large scale; a scute; a scutellum; especially, some piece of dermal armor or exoskeletal formation, as one of the bony plates of a sturgeon or a crocodile, a piece of the shell of a turtle, a ring or plate of an armadillo, one of the great scales of a pangolin, the frontal shield of a coot, etc. See cuts under Acipenser, armadillo, carapace, coot, crocodile, pangolin, and shield.
  • n. In old law, a penthouse or awning.
  • n. In botany, the broad expansion of the style in plants of the milkweed family, especially in Stapelia.


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Named by the astronomer Johannes Hevelius in 1687; from Latin scūtum ("shield"). The original name given was Scutum Sobiescianum (Sobieski's Shield) in commemoration of the victory of the Polish, Austrian, and German forces led by the Polish king Jan III Sobieski at the battle of Vienna.


  • More than 6,000 ly away, binoculars show it near the SW corner of our chart in Scutum the Shield.

    Starwatch: The summer triangle

  • Scutum habent de viminibus vel de virgulis factum.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • It shows the large star-cloud in the constellation of Scutum where millions of stars, though vastly distant from each other, are seen apparently crowded together (through their immense distance from us) like the drops of water that form our terrestrial clouds. '

    Photographing the Sky

  • Image: Aquila and Scutum constellation. jpg | Constellations of Aquila and Scutum. .jpg | Constellations of Aquila and Scutum

    CreationWiki - Recent changes [en]

  • The galaxy's two major arms (Scutum-Centaurus and Perseus) can be seen attached to the ends of a thick central bar, while the two now-demoted minor arms (Norma and Sagittarius) are less distinct and located between the major arms.

    Image Gallery

  • The galaxy's two major arms (Scutum-Centaurus and Perseus) can be seen attached to the ends of a thick central bar, while the two now-demoted minor arms

    Scientific Blogging

  • Lying some 7,000 light years distant in the constellation Serpens, close to the borders to Scutum and Sagittarius, a great cloud of interstellar gas and dust has entered a vivid process of star formation

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  • In the end of this path can find the Melio Scutum glyph from the statue.

    IGN Complete

  • ~While going down to the left area, you can find a shield glyph, Scutum in the statue as well.

    IGN Complete

  • Scutum, clipeum et parmam unde adpellent Romani, et quod horum discrimen.

    Joannis Laurentii Lydi Philadelpheni De magistratibus reipublicae Romanae ...


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