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  • proper n. A language spoken in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
  • proper n. The Bantu tribes who speak Shona.
  • proper n. A female given name.

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  • n. a Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe
  • adj. of or relating to or characteristic of the culture of the Shonas
  • n. a member of a Bantu tribe living in present-day Zimbabwe


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Scottish Anglicized form of Seonag ( =Joan) and an American variant of Shauna.


  • - How to greet in Shona (the language spoken in Zimbabwe) - To use the LST Manual

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  • Mugabe said, referring to whites by the pejorative Shona term

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  • The opposition "cannot do anything on their own; it seems everything they do is organized by mabhunu," Mutasa was quoted as telling the Herald, using a pejorative Shona term for whites.

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  • The local people communicate with one another mostly in Shona.

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  • The Mozambiquans second language is Portuguese, and the Zimbabweans (who know English) can only speak to locals here in Shona.

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  • The Shona are the direct descendants of the great Munhumutapa Empire that stretched from Namibia to Mozambique at its peak.

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  • While examples such as Shona Crafts and Staff Benda Bilili demonstrate success gained from hard work and committment, they also have an element of luck involved in their creation.

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  • The crisis has reached a point where some school authorities discourage their students from speaking vernacular languages such as Shona and Ndebele, insisting on English, the language of British settlers who colonised Zimbabwe in 1890, the Ziana national news agency reports.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • André Picard dismantles the brazen performance of anti-medicare shill Shona Holmes, and reminds us -- as if we needed reminding -- that Canada has a health care system, while the US has health care for those who can afford to pay for it. posted by Dr. Dawg at 10: 51 AM

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  • Move over, Shona Holmes. posted by Dr. Dawg at 8: 52 AM

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