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  • n. a Hindu of the lowest caste, that of the workers.

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  • n. a member of the lowest or worker Hindu caste
  • n. the lowest of the four varnas: the servants and workers of low status


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Transliteration of शूद्र (Śūdra)


  • The name Shudra symbolises a man who has no margin round him beyond his bare utility.

    Creative Unity

  • G.K. Govinda Rao and "Shudra" Srinivas, were upset, and recalled the beautiful melodies that Pandit


  • Panini, the famous grammarian assigned to the fourth century B.C.E., if not earlier, attests to Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra republics and Alexander had to defeat both a Brahmana and a Shudra republic in the course of his conquest.

    Pankaj Jain, Ph.D.: Hinduism And Modernity

  • The first is the Shudra consciousness which is pretty much limited to himself and his immediate family and survival.

    An Exploration into an Integral Approach to Knowledge

  • “In the high and the low, in the Brahmin and the Shudra, in the saint and the sinner, there is only one Narayan, one God and he is the soul of all men.”

    It is through the right of free speech that ideas are expanded and developed

  • The Brahmin, the Vaishya, and the Shudra characteristics are now well entrenched within the Savitri Era Religion, while the Kshatriya quality has suffered neglect.

    Savitri Era Religion needs to develop political muscle

  • The High Court held that the principle of Hindu Law which says a Shudra cannot become a Sanyasi was discriminatory and violated Article 14 of the Constitution.

    A judgement caste in stone

  • Supreme Court, however, held that a Shudra could not become a Sanyasi as the Court, in applying the personal Hindu law, should derive the law from recognised sources of Hindu law such as the Smiritis, and should not apply the modern concepts of equality and equal rights.

    A judgement caste in stone

  • The Shudra came from his feet and were the servant class.


  • Buddha's fault was he preached a casteless society which challanged brahminical Manu Smriti-the four tier Varna System (which placed the brahmins on top of the ladder-Brahamin, Kshtriya, Vaisya and Shudra) -- As somebody said here brahmins made an attempt during British Rule to call themselves Aryans-brahmo samaj-Arya samaj were organanizations estbalished for this purpose-the British rejected this-so began India's freedom struggle-led (to give the devil its due, by brahmins).

    Why are South Indians so smart?


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