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  • proper n. A male given name used by followers of various faiths of India; notably, the personal name of Buddha.

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  • n. One who has accomplished his object: an epithet of Buddha and others.

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  • n. founder of Buddhism; worshipped as a god (c 563-483 BC)


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Sanskrit सिद्धार्थ (siddhā-rtha, "one who has accomplished an aim or object, successful, prosperous"), from सिद्ध (siddha, "achievement") + अर्थ (arth, "meaning, purpose").


  • I explain to them the story of Buddha, who was called Siddhartha before his enlightenment, and how, after a cloistered life of luxury, he stepped outside his palace one day and saw an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and a starving man who had rejected the material world.

    The Memory Palace

  • The name Siddhartha is said to have been given him as a child, Gautama being the family name.

    The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 01

  • In 1975 I was sitting in the balcony of the Elgin Theatre one electric Manhattan midnight watching through the haze of an opiate ambiance the film Siddhartha, which is based on a Hermann Hesse novel that inundated my generation with yearning.

    Jack Schimmelman: Sankai Juku (studio by the mountain and the sea)

  • Meanwhile, we MacPhersons lay on a quilt in the dirt reading "Siddhartha," "Harry Potter," "Lord of the Flies," and "The Constant Gardner," respectively by me, Fraser, Molly, and Charlie.

    Week 30: The Truth About Camels

  • I'm reading "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse for the first time.

    All we need is Blog?

  • Jina, Buddha and Sramana were their interchangeable titles, and many proper names such as Siddhartha, Gautama and Kasyapa were common in their hierarchies.

    - Latest Popular Stories, Instablogs Community

  • Rand Paul: Skip "Siddhartha," "Of Human Bondage," and "The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book," which includes a classic recipe for hashish fudge.

    The New Yorker

  • In Cleveland, Jackson told reporters that when Shaquille O'Neal played for the Lakers and got ejected from a game in Chicago, O'Neal then went out to the team bus to prepare a book report on "Siddhartha," the book Jackson had given him on that trip.

  • Adapting "Siddhartha" to the stage, Eric Hill recast Hermann Hesse's tale of youthful seeking through its author's own struggle for enlightenment.

    The Daily News Transcript Homepage RSS

  • "'Siddhartha' is a perfect play for the university because it crosses so many boundaries," said Hill.

    The Daily News Transcript Homepage RSS


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  • Siddhartha: Novel by Hermann Hesse; 1972 film based on the novel directed by Conrad Rooks.

    August 14, 2011